I could use some tips fighting against Kraken


I struggle an unbelievable amount when ever I play against a Kraken, I’m well aware everyone wants him (or “it” rather) to have a nerf but for the time being we’re stuck fighting it the way it is. With that being said, can anyone offer some advice on fighting this flying god of a monster? If I’m trapper I chose Jack because he’s able to bring it to the ground. But I’m absolutely clueless on what hunter to choose against him in other classes. I prefer medic but I’m scared to play medic anymore because a Kraken just makes me swallow his lighting strike and I just get destroyed, making me a terrible medic when it comes to fighting Kraken :frowning:


I meant to make the title a question, I’m sorry if you came here expecting tips. I don’t know how to change the title :confused:


If you run medic and are not running rouge Val/laz which have great independent sustainability, you need a defensive support to stay alive against this monster. All of his abilities are extremely easy to hit and extremely damaging. If you want to have a chance of winning, you have to save your jetpack for the lightning strike. That means, keep on the move, utilizing pillars and terrain to help you mitigate some damage. But you musn’t waste jetpack trying to dodge aftershock. That ability is ideally undodgeable. Vortex point blank is undodgeable. So don’t even try to waste your jetpack; unless you recognize that the Kraken slipped up in his calculations to land his aftershock (extremely rare). Banshees missiles offer free instant damage so you just have to accept those as well. Occasionally the Kraken will miss the banshee mines and you will have 1-2 seconds the shoot them before they zap you. Have your trapper on the lookout to help you when possible, shooting the mines as appropriate.

The one ability you must dodge is the lightning strike. Assuming you haven’t been stunlocked with 2 banshees beforehand, you can dodge the lightning strike day and night with half of your jetpack. Be unpredictable where you dodge, and watch your surroundings so you don’t dodge into a wall. Often times Krakens will try to catch you in a washing machine of his broken sneak pounces. To counter this, you have to cut across him at a 45 degree angle so that you may essentially juke him. Don’t be parallel with him when he goes for the sneak pounces.

I’ve had many instances where I dodge both the aftershock and lightning, but I still get incapped only off of banshees and vortexs even with sustained Val heals. I wouldn’t beat yourself up, you aren’t bad. Kraken is just disgustingly overpowered.



Generally you need to treat fighting kraken like playing a tactical FPS. Use cover and keep LOS of teammates. Cover will help immensely against vortex and banshee mines.

Also take the advice above me.


don’t get hit by lightning


Its all relative.

Imo, kraken is the weakest of the monster…at least when i play it :smiley:
Ive only ever managed to beat AI once with it, and even then , just barely.


Trick to dodging Lightening strike. This is my trick for dodging the current LS. You have to pay attention and anticipate when he will use it. As soon as you see the Kraken start the LS animation or see the converging vertical lights you use your jetpack dodge. As long as you haven’t been cornered or stun locked, you should be able to clear it easily if you dodge at the beginning. If you are late with your dodge it will most likely still get you.


Try not dying


I think you need some practice friend, It is a very potent monster. I used to think that way of Bob hah.