I could play as the new variants


Umm, I was playing solo trying g to Elite Emet and I could choose the new Maggie and Hank variants. Here is the clip https://youtu.be/7YbTBNIrUio . After the match ended I could no longer play as them. I’m so confused.


Yes, please upload a clip.

@MajorLeeHyper @MrStrategio


Wait a sec, I need to get it on YouTube first.


I just played as Hank too and a friend played as Maggie. Also the Emet victory skin was available for purchase in the store. I don’t have a clip though


Gib video footage plox. :D<f


Going up now, will post a link when fully uploaded


It’s gonna take a while to upload, sorry.


Yep. Looks like there’s many a posts of others getting to try them out as well. Might as well just unlock them!


I just joined a match where there was the new Hank and Maggie and I screamed and rushed over to solo mode once the match was over to check them out but they’re no where to be found :confused:


It was a mistake they are not released yet.




Footage will take a while to upload, it’s really shitty though. I was in shock.


Moral of the story: Don’t farm stuff Elite in solo.


Told ya @Macman :wink:





Ooh, mine is the only Thread on the release of the variants that hasn’t been closed.
I may not be able to get the footage to you guys until around 12:30 GMT tomorrow as I have turned off my PS4 and that has, in the past, interrupted uploads. Hopefully it hasn’t Cus I wanna get a super early night sleep tonight (and by that I mean get to sleep at 11 after going on my phone for two hours).


There’s footage of Maggie up already thanks to @Deity_Pharaoh on his thread.


Sick, I got some shitty Hank gameplay. It’s a couple minutes of me in shock then a minute if gameplay where I get rekt.


My gameplay was similar with maggie :sweat_smile:
I was to excited and I got beat down.