I conceived the best adaptation concept


*No armor
*1 bar of health
*moves at the speed of a wraith traversal, at all times
*levitates at will
*spits exploding organs from chest at cost of health
*looks like a wrinkly old man because he has no rock plates on him
*no longer has legs, only organic landing gears
Original character, plz dont steel

Fun fact: this was based off of a weird hacker or glitch back when tier 4 fist came out, I was with randoms on the dam and we spent a entire round looking for a behemoth to no avail, then we found him in the sky, he just kept hovering in the air in a constant falling animation, we killed him, and as the drop ship flew away we could see his corpse falling.


Ummmmm ok that’s… unique :sweat_smile:


Don’t you just love glitches? They can be so hilarious! xD To be honest, with the ‘health no armor’ I thought it was a Behemoth OP complaint. lol

I don’t know about the exploding organs, man. Do you know how controversial religion is in video games?