I challenge you to beat my Goliath WLR! (Hint: it's really bad)


I’m the top 22307 Goliath in EU and my WLR is 0,09.

I’ve been trying to check how matchmaking works and one post said that it’s based purely on level until 40? That could mean I just sort of overshot my skill bracket somehow and now have to take a pounding until my gaming skills creep up to my exp level?

My global WLR is 0,51, which I suppose has to be exactly normal in the grand scheme of things.

Might just have to avoid playing many Goliath matches in a row, if I want to avoid throwing the monitor out of the window.


Woah. You havent won once?


I’ve won twice with Goliath!

But also lost about 22 times or something. Nearly won today once! But then, did not.