I cant win anymore monster match


not even against pugs…


Do you have any video of recent matches?


I’ve never won a monster match against players since big alpha, so I feel your pain.


I’m primarily a hunter player because I’m good at team oriented games.

But today I was playing only monster in evacuation all day. The new hunters are definitely difficult to play against pre-patch but not impossible. Out of a full days worth of games, kraken and goliath had the best turn out against new hunters (kraken because lightning strike + mines can pick off individual hunters and kill capped hunters from afar. Goliath because charge and leap smash give him enough mobility to deal with Torvald safely.)


Interesting. I win more monster matches now than I used to :smiley:


You should struggle against pugs, pubs you should have more chance against.


It’s nice in theory, but they can organize themselves pretty well sometimes.


Have you asked the pug groups about how you could improve? A good number of players will happily tell you how they found you, advise you to do something over another thing next time etc. I do it all the time if they ask