I can't wait for this game to shut down

Honestly i don’t understand what they are doing with this game. With every patch the game gets worse. I used to like this game and think it will be a really good game that i can play now and then and enjoy with some good teamwork. But all i see now is people complaining, and they are right. There are so many wrong things about this game and they just do nothing about it because they made money so who cares right ? Here is a list of all the “nice” things the game has.

  • Kraken = The non stop flying thing that shoots you always. What’s the point of that monster concept since there are some abilities or characters that are useless against him. You can’t reach it, you can’t shoot it so well cause it always moving… and it have a big amount of health.

  • Wraith = There is no dodging against this monster which is hunter’s most valuable ability for survability. It may have a small amount of health but if the player is good we have no change even with the best team.

  • Gameplay modes = Nobody plays the other modes such as Defense, Nest, Escort. Instead of those modes they could focus maybe more on the story of the game or make more interesting modes and not copy paste hunt and add a theme.

  • Balance = since launch the game had terrible balance, ether hunters were too op or monster was with specific team combinations.

  • Conclusion = I wouldn’t recommend this game and they should at least try to fix it instead of focus on more dlc.

We feel sorry that you feel that they aren’t working to improve their game because I strongly disagree with that. They’ve taken a lot of time and effort to do just that. Because this thread is more of a rant and doesn’t promote constructive discussion we are going to close this down as these topics spiral downhill very fast. Hopefully you give Evolve another chance down the road, who knows, maybe a new monster might be come out soon.

Edit: Next time I should just close and then split @Plaff instead of writing a post :stuck_out_tongue: