I can't upgrade to Monster Edition. What exactly will I be missing and how/when/where do I get it?


I got Evolve on Steam by trading for it with TF2 keys. I can’t refund and I can’t upgrade either. So am I right that compared to ME I will be missing:

  • 5th Monster
  • 4 + 2 Hunters
  • Skins (which skins are those?)

Is there anything else? How much will these things cost me if I decide to buy them later?



I guess the TF2 keys are the same as Dota because i have bought many games before like this.What i want to ask you is are you sure the trader was legit?Becaue i’ve bought many games that got revoked.Its not that i loose anything i just simply contact support and take them back but you know…Its the fuss


We don’t know what the skins are for the monster pack (I think the only confirmed one is magma).
I’m not sure if the trading system, buying counts as a prepurchase, but if it doesn’t you wont get behemoth and the savage goliath skin, or the free copy of l4d

The skins have an unkown price but monsters should cost $15, and i think hunters cost $7.50 as individuals or $25 as a pack of 4


Yes he is legit. Also I bought it looooong time ago also so if he would chargeback or anything it would be already revoked. I got the game in November or so. So my only worry now is the content I am missing compared to ME :frowning:


It counts are prepurchase, yes. I got L4D already.

Thanks for the info about prices. So 40 USD + $ for skins then. Eh I guess I can live with that. Tho 2K still makes me mad for not letting us upgrade. It’s like they don’t want our money or something?


Nah they are just retarded that’s all.But yeah its just the 6 hunters and the 5th Monster.If you are more of a Monster players then its no big harm done.I mean practically you only loose 1 monster :stuck_out_tongue:
Which you can buy later on with the money you saved from not buying PCMR.If you like the hunters aswell then you might pay a little bit more


I like both Hunters and Monster :smile: I bought the game really cheap before Valve changed trading policies (got it for like 30 USD or so) so it’s not that big of a deal anyways. Hopefully the skins are really ugly so I don’t have to be sad :smiley:


Yeah but if you bought it so cheap i guess you can afford paying to buy them from the store after.Even if they are more expensive you won’t spend more money than us who bought PCMR,since you bought it at so low price.So worry not my friend.

Also the skins and everything will come out to buy.There is no exlusive stuff.Only timed-exclusive


$40 for the monster and hunters, not the changeable skins for them. I do not know if they sell skins separately outside of the packs. But skins are only cosmetic anyway.

I had a friend who preordered the game on steam, not a trade, but was able to contact steam support to pay the diff to upgrade. Took a few days as steam support sucks, but did steam support tell you no upgrades themselves?


Skins will be sellable.All of them.Maybe in packs maybe seperate maybe both seperate and packs for less money.