I can't take the wait anymore


It’s driving me crazy!


do you have a backlog of games? That’s what I have been spending my free time doing.


I personally cant focus on mine now that evolve is so close.


I’m a Diablo 3 addict, and it’s just not cutting it right now…


Same here!


Playing the BFH open beta on PS4 to pass the time.


I feel your pain man.

I once got so excited for a game, so hyped that by the time the game came out, I didn’t care anymore.

Luckily i know that won’t happen with Evolve, because it has a set release date x3


I just went to it on my Xbox One and pressed A for shits and giggles. It literally said, We know you’re excited, but you’ll have to wait!

37 year old NERD RAGE!


I’m so ready for this game to come out!!!


That beta absolutely blows


That’s part of the reason I’m so looking forward to Evolve. I’m tired of the same old shit over and over again.


BFH… played it today, testing all out for several hours. normaly i dont judge a book by his cover. but this game is no near real BF, its more a mod, or more a call of duty with helis and cars.
but who knows maybe i would enjoed it more, if i wouldnt know there is evolve.


I tried it I couldn’t the ps4 games are to silent.


Try Transistor or getting drunk, those may help.


have you looked into path of exile yet? since your a fellow D3 addict i have to ask


Path of Exile is the SHIT!

Once you have seen and enjoyed all the story Diablo offers, I would basically drop it for Path of Exile, because the gameplay itself is better and more to do. The only thing it lacks is the amazing cinematic and deep story of Diablo.


Just Cause 2’s on Steam sale for 3$. Final Fantasy 3, 7, 8, 13, and 13-2 are on sale for 6$ for 3, 7, 8, 13, and i think 10$ for 13-2. Tomb Raider remake and most of the Tomb Raider collection is on sale, and Thief and the games preceding Thief are also on sale.

Square Enix :wink:


Yeah, I feel you. And it’s worse because Evolve ruined every other game for me. They’re all so boring or silly or shallow now. It’s like going overseas, tasting the best wine ever made, going home, and drinking your favorite wine gain, but it tastes bad in comparison.


I’ve done this wait often…The worst part is when it’s time, it’s midnight, and THE GAME STILL HAS NOT UNLOCKED!! Dev tracker “Don’t worry guys, we’re just ironing out a few last bugs and fixing a last moment server issue! We promise it will unlock soon!”

8 hours later game unlocks

20 seconds after that all the servers crash.


That’s become expected because of all the crappy launches this year. I know Evolve will be better than that- even the beta was fine.