I cant play!


I got the evolve alpha but i cant play it says missing executable please help i want to play!


Alpha is over! Ended an hour half ago. The game will not work, servers are now down.


oh thanks well that suck waited 2 hours for it to download


is it going to be open again?


Nope, alpha is now done. Next is Beta for Xbox 1. Not sure if there will be a beta for PC.


Sorry, it is finished :frowning: Won’t be your last chance before launch to help us though!


Will future chances require the same computer specs? And if so will you allow people to send in specs again. Because I am about to do a massive upgrade. Steam will verify!


Not sure yet. We’ll keep you guys posted.


Thank you Jess.
I have my parts ready to go in shopping carts around the web. I am just waiting on info on how future tests will be handled before buying. If there is no room or interest for new testers, then I’ll wait until closer to release to buy. Please don’t forget about us!