I can't play with the dumb people anymore


I…I just can’t. Just got out of a match where the Abe missed all 4 of the domes he threw and never used a tracking dart at all. Match before that we had a Laz medic and everyone else picked up the downed people instead.

Bad players are everywhere and they’re just making the game unplayable. It would be one thing if they were level 2 and didn’t know, but how do you get to 36 and not know what Abe does?


if you’re on xbox CodayaTheSlaya is my GT i’ve been searching for a good set of players too


Hear Hear!

It is best to play with friends…Sadly…Every random is a dumb dumb. It is rare and very exciting when you find good players.


What platform are you on


The worst thing is that these players seem to exist only when I am the hunter. When I am the monster the players are replaced with the A Team. >_>


I petition that from now on, all unskilled players are collectively referred to as ‘dumb-dumbs.’


Referring to them as dumb-dumb makes light of massacre. Calling them such will make you very happy, and bring a smile to your face…lol We had a dumb dumb trapper who liked to solo a stage 3 at the generator…

We had:
Caira- A Random (who wasn’t a dumb-dumb)

We would let the dumb-dumb die and the three of us with Markov’s mines and Hank’s shielding we killed the Stage 3 Goliath who had full armor and hp =D


I know this feel sooo much. I go looking for a match for monster and I have to go through a game as hunter first. The team barely gets across the landscape without killing themselves (sometimes this doesn’t even happen) and we might be able to put up a fight for the monster, but I can’t say I ever really had a lot of confidence here. I get my turn at the monster and I’m run ragged then have to duke it out at a all-or-nothing relay fight.


I keep getting randoms when I play with my buds that thinking going into caves or tunnels against the Behemoth is a good idea, even though we tell them not to do it. :s


Oooh I love luring people into caves and narrow passages as Goliath, its just such a shame I can’t get it to happen more often. People eventually got smart and either wouldn’t go into said area or wouldn’t dome until the fighting lead move out of the tunnel, if it did.


You haven’t had me as trapper :grin:


OMFG, soooooooooooooo true!


My GT is Nihilistic Taco. Maybe we can get some decent players together here and actually have a good game instead of watching the support player run the opposite direction from the monster.


The last night I played, I had 2 medics in a row that wouldn’t heal a single person and assaults that stayed at a distance and never got in the monster’s face… and when I looked at their profiles to compare our stats on Evolve, most of these people had played more matches than me (400). I just don’t understand how you can play sooooo many matches and still have no clue how to play the game.


That’s why these forums exist to find like minded and intelligent players.


Part of the problem too, I think, is people just need to be more willing to communicate. Last night I joined a game and a guy sent me a party invite. I was able to meet him and two of the other players, and it made the experience so much more enjoyable. It made me realize that it had honestly been a while since I enjoyed Evolve.

Just be friendlier and willing to talk is a message to everyone, I’d say. Then, I could personally care less how good you are – I just want to not hate a voiceless character.


Were you able to communicate w/this individual? If so, did you provide them information on what tactics they should be employing to maximize their effectiveness as Abe?

I myself have raged at n00bz but the only way to remedy this is positive & patient encouragement. If we are mean to the randomzzz they’ll just rage quit & tell their friends this game sucks. Th best way to get a better player base is to offer help.


The struggle is real


I agree, simply being able to communicate helps a great deal. I usually play in a party chat and invite anyone I see with a Mic. I play on ps4, and if you use the in-game chat it’s absolutely terrible. That definitely makes communication harder.


It’s just a complete waste of time coupled with a large amount of frustration playing with pub Hunters.

Always play Hunter with people you know and can communicate with, otherwise you might as well play with bots who are exactly like randoms: stupid, naïve, uncoordinated and seemingly suicidal.