I cant play as behemoth offline


I am playing evolve on the ps4 and I cannot play behemoth offline, is this happing to any one else


Is he showing up as locked?


Yeah it says that I need to visit the store to unlock him, but I played him last night I have really bad internet and it works better at night 11:00 5:00 that’s the only time I can play as him or the hunters


Hmmm, I’ll need to test this on my X1 to see if I have the same issue. I really hope you don’t have to be online to use content you paid for.


I pre ordered it so no money loss, but still sad I cant play behemoth offline because its so fun to just roll over a hunter :smile:


I have the same issue on my ps4 but I think its a ps4 related problem because the dlc dosnt actually download it’s just like and online code unlock. They need to make it a download.


Is it a problem on the Xbox as well ?


I will check shortly and report back to you.


Ok I unplugged my ethernet cable and booted up Evolve. I was able to choose Behemoth and the DLC hunters and all the skins I purchased.


They need to make it a f**king download so we can play offline


This seems to be a PS/PSN issue. I had no issue on the X1.


Do you think TRS will update that


I don’t see it as a TRS issue. But people were saying that there were issues earlier today with the PSN. Could be temporary.


I just hope soon that I will be able to play as behemoth and the other hunters offline soon


Its because you have to be online to access your ‘unlocks’ sadly. There is no other way for them to do it else people could just ‘download’ the DLC and not pay for it.


Life is now pointless :disappointed: