I can't partake in the coming medic challenge


I won’t be able to help with the challenge or receive the skins because my PC won’t be home till Monday after the time. Oh well. At least no challenges for my two favorite characters happened while my PC was repaired :+1:


Sorry friend, life is cruel yes?


lucky boy. atleast you don’t get skins! :smile:


The healing field is ready


I was away for the Parnell one sadly!


I feel horrible for you.
You don’t get the Slim Bug skin!


Assuming we succeed.

Which will be tough, given that it’s Val we’re talking about.


Life is splendid! No challenges for Behemoth or Goliath I’m happy as hell :+1:


You should be able to make a request to the Community Manager, Jess. She was able to grant me the Goliath Voodoo skin when I missed the event.


Yeah but then it wouldn’t feel right. The only time I’d do that is if it had to do with Behemoth or Goliath but luckily that’s not the case so I’m alright with it. :+1:


Such is life. I managed to get into the city and get a match in within like 5 minutes of the deadline for wraith vs hyde. Maybe you’ll get lucky and rush home with your comp last second


I will try haha


I will be running monster matches a lot this weekend so any val’s will likely get easy wins on me :open_mouth:


You have a friend who will let you play 1 game?


My friends don’t play on PC so no haha


… do they have a computer you could use? Download steam and use your account?

I dont pc so idk how all that works.


Their PC’s can’t run games let alone Evolve lol


If it were up to me, i would have the event unlock the skin for everyone. But thats just me.


going to tranq a whole lot of monsters this weekend and green beaming teammates.


They want some actual participation.