I can't Kraken


Literally I don’t think I’ve won a Kraken game I’ve played. I just can’t wrap my head around the play style. Or something. Goliath I wreck with, Wraith I do well with, cept when the hunters won’t get off my ass. Then it becomes irritating.

But Kraken? I can’t escape, his flying is ridiculously obvious and I just can’t seem to kill the hunters and keep them dead. (Don’t mean Laz either) Fought a Parnell Caira Hank and Maggie. I couldn’t kill Caira, and I couldn’t escape. I sat ready for stage 3 for a good ten minutes before I said fuck it and triple dashed sat under an arch and evolved with them on my tail. I still lost but I dunno what’s up with me an Kraken but I’m just not meshing with him.


Could you tell us a little about how you play? What abilities do you take? How do you prioritize targets? What perk do you pick?


1.dont use aftershock
2.stay in the air
3.shoot shoot shoot
4. if you are fleeing spam mines and vortex in their general direction
5. if you are having problems loosing hunters learn the maps its good to fly over lots of vertical stuff so hunters lose their jetpack fuel so theyre slower
6. learn to sneak efficently
7.if parnell uses his super soldier give him a vortex to the face it greatly reduces his dmg output
8.in that hunter combination focus 1.hank 2.caira 3. your choice
9.bait out fuel or after a succesfull vortex ----> use lighting strike so the hunter cant dodge
( lighting strike is your most amazingly beatifully bestest shinyiest ability think when you use it)
10. if you ever get close banshee mines + big meele attack do good burst dmg

thats all i can think of


Perk is usually feeding frenzy. Normally go for Medic/Supp followed by Assault unless I’m domed.

Abilities I usually go two lightning one vortex. But I’ve been switching trying to figure him out. Goliath I always go Triple Fire breath off the bat for mass feeding and quick stage two.


I never had a problem with Kraken. I always take banshee mines + vortex at the start (sometimes Aftershock but I don’t like it that much), and I don’t use stealth at all with Kraken. Just use traversal to cover large distances until you can get to stage 2. I take lightning strike from 0 to 3 and then I can kill pretty much anything. I don’t seek hunters out but if they find me it is almost guaranteed win for me. Just spam banshee mines behind you, also don’t forget to shoot at them with your normal attack. The only problem I might see is you have to be precise with both Lightning strike and Vortex, but it’s not that hard. The perk I take is increased damage output, although that is question of preference and you might take something else.


Vortex is brilliant; use it on an assault getting too close, or a medic / hank trying to help their buddies. It sends them flying.

Keep moving and try to lure them into narrow walkways where you can hit everyone. Don’t get caught in a cave though…

Only drop to the ground in a fight to sneak attack a hunter you’ve seperated from the group, or to hide behind a bit of terrain when waiting for dome to disappear.

Aftershock is pointless.

Use banshee mines at regular intervals, hunters will have to shoot them or take damage from them - this stops them firing at you or can force a medic off his med-gun. *** you can also drop 5 mines despite the cooldown beginning after 3. They affect vision and can keep players away from downed hunters.

When escaping change up the level you’re on. Climbing a cliff or dropping off one is ideal for dropping mines hunters have to deal with. You can also climb a cliff, turn around, use vortex to send the first 1 (or hopefully 2!) flying off into next week, then if one of the other 2 continue the pursuit sneak attack them. Also if you’re always in the air you are easy to spot and you make a lot of noise.

As for perks, everyone loves increase feeding speed but I prefer movement or ability cooldown myself (even traversal cool down vs Abe to keep you moving).

Thing with Kraken is even when fleeing you can still attack the hunters. If Laz is on their team in particular his healing is very limited and all 4 hunters can end up with very little health by the time another battle begins if they persist on chasing you. Kraken is much easier to instigate fights on your terms.


i get pinned down as medic while fighting kraken much harder than the other monsters. not really much i can do about it.


As a few have said (since you already have Wraith unlocked) ignore aftershock. We did a bunch of testing during Press Release and aftershock is complete garbage until 3 points in it, and even then not so great…certainly NOT worth 3 points!

Others have given good advice. I will say this - during Big Alpha, Beta and even early Press Release build that some of us regulars got access too - I was terrible with Kracken too. It is SUCH a different mind set. And while I’ve only played Kracken 5 or 6 times in release, I haven’t lost more than once. You WILL get better at Kracken.

The one thing that helps me is this: Do not SPAM buttons. You have time, it only takes a second to get a good look at positions and make a decision. I think the ‘bad monsters’ are playing a bit too frantic.


Always remember, with the Kraken, you have an opportunity that neither of the other monsters have: You get to survey the battlefield. You can fly, you can take up a superior position above the action, and you can use that to decide where to strike, to see where all your opponents are, and to make the hits where they will do the most damage. You also have the range to use that position to it’s fullest potential.

That was actually the biggest mindset hurdle to get over for me. You’re not a ground trooper. You’re not about doing melee damage. You’re a gunship, able to rain lightningy death from a distance.

(I will also note, against other people’s advice, that I get quite a lot of utility out of Aftershock, though I find it works at it’s best in games of Rescue. Nothing upsets the day of someone looking to pick up a downed Survivor than a facefull of AOE damage…)


Oh, and if anyone’s as stupid as me and didn’t realise this at first - while aiming at the ground; dash backwards to remain in the air :wink: quite a big one that!


Oh if you need help with Kraken in your man. What do you need help with?


Stay as far back as you can, fly above the hunters, rain down death. For avoidance… I’ll get up on a ledge and just vortex them off when they try to get me. When I escape, I fly up and try to go around objects, break line of sight. If they’re chasing you, leave mines behind you, or wait and vortex them back once they come around a corner. I play my Kraken like a ninja though, stay away from them and pick them off from as far away as possible.


Played my FIRST EVER Kraken match (this includes alpha and beta) last night and won at stage 2. Game took 20 minutes :smiley:

Lesson learned? I am the #1 bush.


Haha, you’re a silly goose.

First Kraken match, dipped the hunters while running, murdered the lone trapper, wrecked the Assault and Medic, Support bailed, they found me again STILL AT S1, murdered Daisy, Markov, Val, and Bucket, Maggie tried to fly away, hit her with a midair vortex.

Still my favorite match of all time.


I’ve had a lot of success with Kraken. In fact, my only loss with him came when I tried to evolve to stage three and my character ended up forzen for the remainder of the match. This was the only time I tried to stage up to level 3, all of my wins came at stage 2.

When searching for food to evolve and trying to avoid the hunters its still a good idea to sneak if they are not nearby or don’t know where you are…these is just no need to risk telegraphing your location to them. When you are trying to escape from them use your flight to your adantage by flying over cliffs, buildings, acid pools, etc… You can clear these obstacles easily, they have to either go around or jet pack over them. If you are in an area with not much cover then fly low to the ground, if you fly high in the sky then you are very easy to spot. Sometimes if the cover is very low you are better of to run on foot. Remember to use water to your advantage as well, you still leave prints on the ground even when you are flying.

When in combat the most important thing is to always stay in the air, the higher the better. This really makes it difficult for the hunters to do any decent damage to you. Also, as others have said, you get a great veiw of the battle area, plus your lightining strike and banshee mine ablilties are at their best when you are up high and can rain down on them. If you end up harpooned you need to break those immediately as they will pull you to the ground.

When using your banshee mines you want to spread those out a bit, don’t fire all three at the same spot. The reason for this is because when one mine explodes it will push the other mines away. You don’t necessarily need to shoot these directly at the hunters, just fire them in the area that they are fighting in and the hunters will eventually get close enough to them for them to activate and find their target.

Lightining strike is your heavy hitter, use this on a hunter you want to focus. It does have some Area of Effect ability but usually you are best to just aim for one hunter instead of trying to hit several at once (doing this will usually cause you to do minimal damage or miss entirely).

Vortex blast does OK damage once you get more than one point in it, but the real beauty of this ability is its knock back. Did that Hyde player wise up and perch himself on a ledge so he can hit you with his flame thrower? Send a vortex his way. Hank shielding the hunter you want to focus down? Vortex. Vortex also chains very well with lightining strike, hit them with the vortex first them immediately use lightining strike, it makes the lightining strike exceedingly difficult to dodge.

And finally we come to aftershock, you’re big Area of Effect attack. I never put just one point into this ability; the damage at level one isn’t too bad but the range is terrible (they have to almost be touching you for it to hit). Once you get at least two points in it though it becomes a soild ability. A lot of people won’t take this ability because it requires you to go to the ground with the hunters (normally a big no-no) for it to be effective, however I think that the damage and range on this ability makes it worth the risk. To get the most out of aftershock you want to activate it while you are in the air, then hold down the sneak button to quickly drop to the ground on top of your target(s). At level 3 it hits pretty hard and over a fairly large area…if you land it on multiple hunters it will defintetly give the medic something to do. Its great to use when the hunters bunch together and its also a great finisher if you are focusing someone. When aftershock goes off it should break/destroy any harpoons, harpoon traps, sentry turrets, etc in its range…just make sure after you use this ability that you immediately get yourself back in the air (best way to do this is hit your air boost while not trying to move in any direction…this makes you boost straight up).

This pretty much sums up how I have been playing the kraken. I haven’t come close to a legitimate loss playing this way (though I don’t think I have come up against anything better than an average group of hunters as the kraken, so don’t put too much stock in my claim of kraken supremacy).

Good luck.