I cant get on the evolve website

Hey, that image is perfect with a white background…do you have others of the other monsters featuring their in-game image and not illustrated ones by chance? I’ve really been meaning to create a custom King of Tokyo game and the only thing really stopping me is the lack of the actual monster images against a white background. I wish I could have each of them as shown in their character select screens…haven’t been able to find that though.

I just snagged it from the Evolvegame website so they’re all available!

Wait…what? I didn’t see them there last time I checked…Now I gotta go check!

Edit: Ahh, booo, they are not the ones that are used on the splash screens before battle though…well, Behemoth’s and kraken’s are but Goliath and Wraith are not. Bummer.

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Ohhhhhh, sorry. :frowning:

It’s ok, I’ve just been too lazy to contact the devs on it myself…I really should. I’ll try to remember when things die down with the releases, heh.

That’s a PNG, it has no background.

The PSD files with their posed character renders are in one of these two links, can’t remember which one. They only have the original 12 hunters and 3 monsters, I believe.

For the rest I’ve been getting from the 2K site.


^If you replace where Slim is and put Sunny or someone, most of them show up. They have a red/orange grunge background though so I had to mask it off in PS.

I’d also like to get the PSD files for the newer characters (T4-5). They’re larger and better quality so you can do more with them.


so this post turned into a picture thing?

Sorry about that, kinda got derailed. Are you still having issues accessing the site?

@portkeyboard Did you enter a date of birth that was under 18? That might be why.

no it still doesnt allow me to get on

no it wont let me get on the site at all

I can’t get on it either from my phone, haven’t tried from my PC recently. I’m seeing the age gate, but the fields appear to clear immediately after selecting something and the enter button doesn’t do anything.

Just tried it on my pc, no luck. The enter button on the age gate doesn’t seem to be working.

Can you go directly to evolvegame.com/news?

Redirected to the age gate :confused:

I just used an incognito window and entered my age. Still no issues.

Seems to be better today.

Woo! What about you @portkeyboard?

it just says go to hell for me. lol jk. no it still wont work i put in the sdate and it still wont laod the site