I can't find any pub matches!


I’m trying to determine my rank by playing as monster and I can’t find any matches! I’ve been waiting over 30 mins and can’t find anything! The same thing was happening yesterday, is the community dead or is this only happening because I’m trying to get my rank? Btw I live in NA so maybe not that many ppl play here?


Not many people can. Monster is OP in pubs, therefore fewer players want to play hunter and more players want to play monster. You need four hunters for each monster, and it just isnt happening


What is “pub”?


public matches. Ones that arent custom matches


Ah yes, deep, well after about 4-5 minutes I’ll back out and join in and usually get a match, must be ur area cause I rarely have to do that I’m usually in a game in 2-4 min, 30 percent of the time it’s less than that