I can't find a game, I need to wait so long


Hello there I just started with playin Evolve and I am having problems with matches simply because I cant finde thrm, do I maybe meed to swap regeions, any body having solutions.


Where are you located?


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Best time to play Evolve is around 3-8 PM and best is to choose Quickplay. Hunt 2.0 can take a long time, up to 5 minutes and longer looking for people (again, depends around your location and what hour you are playing).


Find some friends it makes the wait shorter


The best thing to do is to switch to quickplay you find matches fast usually but hunt 2.0 depends on the console like pc or xbone


I am located in Croatia, Europe.


Amen Brother.


Oh a European, good. What platform do you play the game and under what region is your account set?


Im not sure what region but i will tell you whenbi finde out and i play on Ps4.


ahh ps4 I am not sure how fast people find games on there :confused:
what mode are you trying to play?


Ps4 add me
I’m a silver and really experienced I main trapper I have all them elite


Here is also an interesting post if you need to look for people to join in: First Official Evolve Community Group on Ps4! (Member count currently at 2000+ players! Keep it up!)


I… don’t… have… a-a ps4
I am on… xbone


Issues connecting to a server? You’re not the first one.

I’ll give you some tips that may be preventing you from finding a game. If these ones aren’t the reason, the others aren’t addressable and can’t be fixed.

1 - Try resetting your cable modem

2 - Quit and restart the game

3 - Check connection

4 - Delete other apps that may be open

5 - If trying to play Hunt, use Quickplay instead.

If none of these work, it is probably your region or the time you’re playing. If this is the case, add some friends or something, because this cannot be helped.

Hope some of this helped.


ooh someone else on xbone also he can’t add you he is on ps4
don’t know why that one guy said to add him to me tho


Well, anyone else can add me, I’m looking for a good team to play with. C:


I think I am good…

ok back on topic


I didn’t ask you.

I was referring to everyone around me.


I tried to play on Hunt, but here i see that I shlud play Quickplay, if any one wants to lay feel free to add me.