I can't even play/enjoy this game anymore


Alright so with the lack of friends to play with being possibly the #1 issue but for now that’s beside the point. Whenever me and either 1 or 2 more friends try to get on quick play one of us is ALWAYS the monster, this isn’t even exaggeration in the slightest. I haven’t played a game of quick play with my friends on the same side in so long nobody ever prefers monster or they just always leave after 1-2 games it’s so upsetting. Tried searching for a game last night for like a half an hour before we just gave up; there was two of us.

Besides all the inconsistencies with quick play, on the off chance we do have enough people to play hunt with it’s always playing the same maps constantly and it’s always Kraken majority of the time I can tell they’re using cooldown too. Not fun to play against and they always get to damage buff or resistance or cooldown if they didn’t already have it. I will admit we lose an awful lot, probably because we don’t conform to the OP teams and actually try to give the monster a chance, but sometimes it’s just too easy for them.

All in all it’s very difficult to find a game or even stay in one at that and then on top of that we’re constantly fighting the same people, monster, map, everything and there’s been a lot of inconsistency within the gameplay lately. The crashes don’t help either. Can barely play quick play and Hunt is more than likely always the same: Krakens who no life this game.

P.S. Trying to find a game while a typing this, been going on for about 40 minutes now, by myself. Um, I think there’s a problem here, it’s not just that it’s 5 a.m. Either. There gotta be enough people to find a game eventually right?


“constantly fighting the same people, Monster, map, everything”

Then immediately after…

“there’s been a lot of inconsistency lately.”

lol wut?

But on a serious note the game has issues. Probably a lot of people not wanting to play Monster because it’s either they pick Kraken for a chance (a really good chance) to win or they pick something else and set up an appointment with their local doctor to check their health because of all the stress they get.

Playing Monster ain’t fun no mo. Now that all that’s (mostly) left are Hunters they have no choice but to kill each other. Then those forced Monster Players quit. New ones come in and Repeat. Congrats now we have Extreme Sadface for all.

I’d go on but it’d be pointless at this time. Best bet is to wait and see what 9.0 brings. Both in-game and Player base wise.


I meant more so inconsistency with other stuff in game, not the people surrounding it. But yeah I guess I literally cannot play this game in peace until summer when they finally make that update… When’s the micro patch coming out tho? Do we even know?


I know what you mean. It´s so annyoing when you and your mate prefer hunter in a not-full lobby and still one of the two gets the monster role. That´s why I always try to get a full squad before even starting the application :wink: but I guess that wasn´t the point you were making.

quickplay matchmaking is brutal sometimes, especially when you and your friends are looking forward to qp-hunt mode, and right when you get hunt, you or your friend is monster :frowning:


Yeah sometimes we just wanna jump in and play a few games with just me and one other and can’t even do that because either not enough people are playing or they’re preferring our roles and it keeps giving it to them multiple times in a row.


Have you tried kicking them in the gooch when they take your roles?

Might prove effective… dunno… haven’t tried it myself but I’m sure it’ll do something.


I think this game is not the one where you just jump in for 1 hour, play a few rounds with the exact characters you wanted and hop off…I wish it was, but it´s just not.


Well you should be allowed to at least play on the team ya want.

Not expect to be a Hunter and suddenly you’re the Monster and Goodbye Teamplay! Hello Lonely loner!


Well shit, it sure used to be. At one point I could suffer through a few games of not getting my class and have a few of getting it, now it’s I fight my friends back and forth non-stop after a 20 minute wait to even get into a game and then to solve that we gotta leave and take another 15 minutes just to do it all again. There’s no end to this madness, it’s been like this ever since they allowed you to fight friends.


No date yet, but the last update on the micropatch status was that final changes were being wrapped up last week. That was supposed to be followed by a network engineer creating the patch and the QA testers doing their thing to make sure it’s all set to go. Patch notes were also compiled last week. So, hopefully not too long now. :slight_smile:


It’s this exactly, can’t even be hunter adjacent to the person I’m playing with, I wouldn’t care what class, just God please not monster.


Micro patch notes are complied? Where at?


They aren’t public yet - they were just being compiled into a list internally. We’ll probably see them when it’s about time for the patch to release.


Ah alright, doubt it though they never release patch notes prior the release of the update itself.


Thing I hate about that though is that we the community can’t see what they are doing and be like “Hey! Don’t do that!” because by the time we do see it it’s too late and it is already being forced on us.

Thoughts and ideas for patches should be up to date on a day by day basis.

Not change everything everywhere and leave us in the dark until the last minute and “Surprise! You’ll hate this!”

Reminds me of my first job.
“Oh yeah we are closing permanently in three days! Have fun!”
“Ya’ll didn’t tell us this sooner?”
“Didn’t want you guys to quit out on us ahead of time.”



Yeah I remember saying this forever ago back when they started hinting at big changes. It was like “You know maybe just maybe not everyone will like these to be sprung up in their face with 0 say in it, could we maybe help give some feedback and insight?” It was probably frowned upon that I said those things for some reason…


warning I have not read the post don’t make fun of meh ;-;
I have taken a break from evolve for now :open_mouth: I will be back on tho I am just waitin for that tiny little summer patch to come


Yeah, heaven forbid the community have a say in any manner about anything for any game.

Well… besides “Whatever is OP! Plz narf!”

And thus here we are with stupid sluggish Wraith.
I’d go on but this aint the thread for dat.


This is 1 Reason why im against the " Play Monster in a Party" Feature since the Gorgon Update.

They dont need to remove it but it
would be cool if we get the Option to put it OFF


lol QA testers… your so silly