I can't enter REM sleep because of Evolve


I decided it’s finally time to take a break from evolve. I was off work for a couple weeks due to a back injury and been playing evolve daily, sometimes up to 24 hours a day. All I can think about is evolve, and the only time I’m away from my console is when I’m on the toilet where even still I’m on this forum or watching evolve videos.

I’ve been setting my alarm clock to wake me up at 6 am so I can play evolve, and most of the time playing until the next morning where I’ll try to sleep for a bit, but end up waking up so I can play evolve.

When I sleep, I can’t sleep. I lay there like a zombie, my subconscious running crazy about evolve games and strategies. I wake up exhausted, my body is rested but my mind hasn’t slept.

Basically the only break time I have is the loading screens in between games where I pee as fast (if not peeing in a pee bottle) as I can and grab food from the kitchen.

This thread isn’t to put down evolve, just about how and why I’m going to take a break. I’m going to miss you evolve.


Have a nice break, you uh, you need it


Sleep is for the weak. Evolve is love, Evolve is life.
In all seriousness, you probably should take a break. Hopefully you can come back soon and be in control of your gaming :bucket_salute:


If I didn’t have responsibilities, and I had a shit ton of time off, I would be you.


Every time I lay in my bed I fear Hank is gonna drop an Orbital Strike


Exactly how I was since the first gameplay was released.


I dream about the wraith at night, still trying to run away as Lazarus from a supernova in a corner. Or running around to help my buddy as hank and then seeing the wraith hidden is a bush next to you taking you out as well with all your cooldowns still on active. Or going to the bathroom at night, looking to my hallway to see a small silhouette at the other side. Thinking it might be a monster hiding there, where it is simply a coat that my roommates friends never hang in the appropriate place.

BUT, i play this game with friends now. And they only play in the evening mostly. So I have a social break on the game haha


When you said you dream of Wraith i saw this going a completely different way (._.)


I haven’t actually slept for more than two or three hours at once for years, so while I can’t empathize, I can give advice! :stuck_out_tongue:

Coffee and cat naps. I drink a hell of a lot of coffee, and I though I may feel a little tired I’m never sleepy. When you do eventually feel tired take a nap for half an hour.

Works like a charm. Although come to think of it, this cannot be good for my health…


REM… Ever considered that life is bigger than you? You have to move Evolve into a corner of your mind and out of the spotlight.


I most likely play more than you in Evolve, so no worries. I have 472 hours in Evolve since it came out…


My wife was having the same challenge when my son was born. Are you young-mother-playing-evolve ? :wink:

BTW - I used to play final fantasy online with him - falling asleep in a swing bed, I was dangling it with my leg; after a couple of weeks I was so pro about it, that I could 100% focus on killing monsters and was not realizing I do it, haha !


Im having the same symptoms. Im blaming finals though. It cant be my beloved evolve. no way…


Nah. I just hate sleep.



I have been staying up late every night to play Evolve as well. I was just thinking this morning that I really need to turn of my console and go to sleep on time since it is catching up to me.

I keep nodding off at work.


Should we wash our hands after touching your post? :smile:

Anyway, get better and do what you need to. We will be here when you choose to come back. But you may want to play this weekend to get your evolve trapper skin…just sayin’.


I already thought at that Val’s picture when i was… nvm…


NO! Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

AAAAAAAAAND! to every one who sees this commen/reply i say:
if you dare to say “I do not know what shrek is love, shrek is life is.” I say GO FORTH WITH CAUSION!





How was the break? U achieved what u hoped for?