I cant elite Kala ( Teleport mastery doesnt count )


i only need the teleport pads to elite her but every time i finished a match in solo i just get 0 points at the teleports yesterday i hv try to farm it whit friends in a custom match but i still just get 0
never had this problem before


It’s very picky about how to do it.


i know how to do it but i still just get 0 points my friend already hv her elite

  1. You have to be below 50% HP.

  2. You have to hit the Monster in a short time-span before going through the teleporters.

  3. The Monster must be considered to be “in combat”.

All of these must be true to warrant even a single point in the mastery.


I believe it was a typo, and that’s it meant to be %, and a certain % shorter cooldown


I did all of this, even with a friend, and I still get 0 points for the mastery :confused:


It’s very tricky but it’s how I did it. I also had the teleporter bring me 500+ meters away so when it did work it worked amazingly.


What map were you on?


Fusion Plant. One in relay, one 500 meters away, let the Monster stage three, then farm. He’ll lose armor and flee, rearmor and come back. It took me roughly two and a half hours.

Map: Fusion Plant
Effect: Upgraded Jetpacks
Strikes: Infinite
Timer: 40 Minutes
Monster: Behemoth
Hunters: Laz, Kala, Griffin, Lennox


I found the mastery doesn’t count when teammates go through. It only counts for Kala and she has to meet the criteria that @10shredder00 already posted.


Have the monster hit you then run through the portal :slight_smile: It works, I promise! I got the mastery in like 10 min.


Thank you so much! :smile:


That’s not true. It doesn’t count for Kala at all. It only counts for your teammates.


@Buckets_Sentry_Gun can u close thread my Problem is done i already Elite her ^^


It doesn’t count for teammates. Someone told me it didn’t count for Kala so I stopped using the teleporter as Kala when I only needed 18m more. I had friends boost it with me for that last bit and it wasn’t working. It finally gave it to me when I went through as Kala.