I can't download Evolve (Resolved)


I redeemed my code and the game doesn’t show up in my library.


The code is to get a chance for the alpha lol


I’m in the forums right now so obviously i got in, it’s something steam side thats not working.


No, the alpha hasn’t started, nor have you been given a confirmation of getting in.


What? You don’t need a code to get into the forums, and steam has nothing to do with the alpha stuff. You can’t even pre-order on steam atm.


Bottom line the code you got was for a chance to enter the Alpha.You have the code now you have to wait to see if you are inside.Will take a couple of weeks i guess


standby for picture


then why would it tell me that its to activate the alpha on steam?


Are you referring to the first alpha? That ended a long time ago lol


The second alpha hasn’t started yet


Bro you dont need to post the picture.Just read what it says. Alpha Code does not guarantee access to the Alpha.


Troll? … ?


It’s not an alpha code, it’s a key that i was emailed today saying i was accepted and that it would activate evolve on steam


I think so at this point lol


http://i62.tinypic.com/2njwvv5.png this is what i was sent


hmmm.What was the date this e-mail was sent to you?


From trolls to suddenly spam threads - Some people seem to be taking the alpha codes as a serious personal affront…


no im not trolling look at the email.


aug 3rd so today


Post a screen of it with the date then

Because if you did get a key you are the first person in the world to get one it looks like. So pardon our weirded out confusion.