I cant connect to my Online Profile ( PS4 )


everytime i start Evolve today i cant connect to my my2k acc and my Online Profile. it says " failed to connect tho online profile services. Your online stats will not be saved " i can go on a Multiplayer lobby but i didnt hv my badge, i cant check out the Leaderboards and i cant play Hunt 2.0

never had this problem before

are the Servers Down ? or did i got banned ? ( it would break my heart )


Had the same yesterday. Restarted my console and it worked again…


didnt work by me -.-


Fuck :frowning: then I don´t know…


same thing on PC - right now, can’t connect to 2k…


Same here (PC)


I’m trying out on PC and PS4 if it’s the same for me. Then I’ll let you know.

Same for me on PC and PS4. I can’t connect to my2k too.


This is an issue with 2K servers then. Shouldn’t last too long.


You got Banned, and unfortunately, they took us with you :stuck_out_tongue: /jk


xD Calm down.

A connection to the server could not be established
A connection to the server could not be established

Yes of course. :unicorn:



This is in relation to 2K servers having connection issues, please check out this Topic: