I can't click on Customize


Pre-ordered evolve off GMG. Played the game on Monday. I was able to customize my skins on Goliath and choose between Savage and Magma. Come Tuesday and today I can’t click on customize at all. I don’t know, figured it was bugged but I don’t see any similar topics anywhere so it might just be me.

Another thing I’m looking at the store and it says I’ve purchased everything. Wendigo Skins, Assault skins – every single bundle, every single piece of item it says I have purchased. I didn’t buy anything off the store. Naturally I thought this was a “happy” bug, but low and behold I can’t customize anything for the hunters either.

What’s going on? x__x"
My name on Evolve is the same as my forum name.


Try rebooting the game, thats what fixed this problem when it happened to me.


I did that once already. I’ll try it again and see.


What edition?


Monster PC Edition. I just rebooted the game a 2nd time and it still says I have everything purchased. x___x"

I’m going into a match right now and hoping I can customize my Goliath.


Try verifying steam file integrity cache I mindblanked on the name thing. Try linking a 2k account?


I’m trying that right now. I got thrown into a game as assault so I couldn’t see the customize screen that last game but the store bug probably means I still can’t. At 12% on verifying steam cache atm, will post back to see if it changes anything.


It still says I have everything purchased. I still can’t click on Customize.
Is anyone else having this problem? Rebooting doesn’t work, veryifying steam cache doesn’t work. I really want to use my pre-order/Monster Race skins.


I am also having this problem! We are not alone! I still have yet to find any way of fixing this… If it is a bug I wish they’d fix it soon -.-