I can't believe I'm the one to ask this


song name please?


Ooooh, not sure about the song, but I hadn’t seen this. Lovely, thanks!


Aww… Man, now I got curious but I can’t find it anywhere…


Oooh, I would like to know as well. Can’t make out the lyrics over sfx though :confused:


Behemoth looks so awesome in this video! I also love the sound of his roar.


Sounds like “hold on just holding on, (something something) is on it’s way, tell the world I’m coming home…” The last part is really hard.


Love the song and the trailer.

@Chloe should probably be able to help us out with the song name.


Here ya go

The rapping portion definitely took me by surprise…




Hah, quite an odd fit though, thanks.


Thanks for the help!


It fits the behemoth of the trailer so well! XD


Thank you so much! Had the trailer running in the background while playing, just so I could listen to the track. Awesome trailer btw!