I cannot find a monster match for the life of me (PS4) {NA}

I don’t know what to do anymore, I cannot get a match in Hunt, or skirmish for some reason. I understand they are fixing this but I can’t wait much longer, its been a problem for a good month almost 2. This, I guarantee is killing the game. Don’t get my wrong this is not a hate mail message! Fucking love this game! But I can’t wait longer!!! Help me not stop playing this game. I know the people are nice on these forums as long as we are not talking about OP Behemoth, but please, save it.

Edit: And dint tell its because there are to many monsters, I almost only play when it says too many hunters, which almost happens never. I’ve played PC, and I’m gold expert in monster, and it was wayyyyyyyy easier to find matches, and they have the smallest community. So wtf?

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What rank are you?

What region are you in?

Ps4, Gold skilled, NA, Central time MN.

I’ve had te same problem since i past silver master! It’s take way too long. And most of the time when I find a game, I’ll be playing the same guys over and over.

Another person from MN? That’s three of us now…you, me, and @aboatman :slight_smile:

Really? Wow. What part are you, I’m southern mn

I’m in the cities; St.Paul to be exact.

:0 I’m near mankato about2 hours away

I knew a couple people that went to Kato; I wanna go for the Vikings training camp one year

I mean I’m 30m away from kato 2h from St Paul :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s annoying,when your in Gold though for monster or hunter surely there’s less players in that pool so it will be made worse than any other division

I just moved to St Paul from Rosemount this summer lol

And @mizx is another one from MN

Try to have something else to do in the down time. I like to play the guitar or watch streams, but if you’re just sitting waiting then it sucks bigtime.

REPRESENT! Just south of Minneapolis here!

Exactly, it’s the weirdest thing:

You now need something to occupy yourself with while you play evolve…

And I agree with demon on that; this is killing the game. And I say that as someone for whom Evolve has been my primary and favorite source of entertainment since launch and who patiently waited 2 years for release.

I love this game and deeply admire the dev team and founders.

But disconnects, matchmaking waits and connectivity problems seem to be the potential bain of Evolve. idk…

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