I can t play this game anymore


i can t i just fucking can t, i m a monster player and i ve had enough of trying os hard to win and not winning 70% of the time, i love this game but i just can t handle any more, especially now with Slim s fuckin stink grenade (which is the absolute worse), i really like the concept but there s nothing to do against it and the weird op potential damage the new hunters are able to do, i mean between nukes and mortars, a rifle that can hit health directly and a shotgun that can refill the healing field, come on what the fuck, i really love each concept but come on it s so unfair to have your armor disappear in an instant, and don t get me started if you put a cabot in the mix, mines ? pfft mortars pls


Defense squad will be here soon. Then the topic will be closed.


Ok then, more food for me😈


You have a small T.V.?

  1. Slims healing burst doesn’t heal much, if you pay close attention.
  2. The stink bomb can be moved out of, you’re fine.
  3. The kraken is hard to hit with the stink bomb.
  4. The rifle that passes the Armor barely does any damage


Bruh, it’s only been out for (what) a day? We’re starting on day 2, strategies need to be found out and implemented in order for you to be able to consider that. But oh well, I’ll keep playing the game. You ain’t gotta. Hope you stay tho, really.


move out when you re slow pls do it


The difference between this post and yours is that this post doesn’t directly insult anyone, the devs especially. The cursing in this post is an expression of frustration, not a direct attack. It’s the difference between “fuck you” and “fuck this.” The apparent illiteracy in this post offends me more than the vulgarity.

To the OP – it’s been about 24 hours since the T4 release. There is a learning curve. I’m a monster main, and I’ve been roflstomped. I plan to learn from my mistakes. Yes, there does seem to be some balancing issues, but now that the micro-patching system has been implemented, once the devs look at the telemetry, then those adjustments can be made much quicker.


Why adapt when you can just threaten to quit?


What? English please


I feel your pain OP. Slim is a pain the ass but he is easily focused down. The key with slim is not to spread out your damage to much. Focus him down first as he has no damage mitigation other than his spore cloud which is annoying.


Doubtful. We only close threads that are redundant or violate our community guidelines. He swore obce or twice but I can’t see this being closed unless somebody crosses the line or he asks.


the problem is you don t just focus slim, you focus no one, why ? because your damage is so laughable that the hunter just fly right above you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, they can just dash out easily and you can t do anything about it


What is your gamer tag? I just beat a behemoth player that ran to armor up after getting all of his health almost knocked off. I chased him and then killed him as crow after he got armor. Were you the one saying the game is bullshit and raging?


the problem is there is nothing to be learn when you are slowed, harponed, glitched between walls or cornered


not me i guess, i almost manage to win but in this game slows are way overpowered


try to move out of slim s spores when you re slowed or when the hunters stay in it pls do it


Heres the video.



Glitching isn’t the same as the other issues.

For the other issues, you need to learn to counter (as do I), but I’m sure you’ve got it all figured out in 48 hours, so you’re right, you should just give up. It took me three weeks with the original lineup to start winning on a semi-regular basis, and the simple fact is that occasionally you’re going to come up against a team that will outplay you. That’s the nature of the beast.

The other fact is that T4 is new, they have not been subject to mass play-tests, and the only way the devs are going to know how people are playing them is for us to play them.

Some people only care about winning, not getting better.


Very nice! I bet that guy was raging. This is really the only situation that his rifle is super good in it seems. It is very balanced as far as how much direct health damage it can do, but from time to time you get this situation where it is a game changer.