I can see this becoming an issue


It only takes one mine to completely destroy a rock from the ability rock throw. Now I was on a map commonly known as jurrasic park and was stage 3. The hunters found a cliff that was high enough that I could not jump and breathe fire on the minefield they set up there. Sadly where they were covered the relay so I could not avoid them and move on. It was either stay down and throw rocks hoping to knock someone off (which seemed impossible by the way they were playing), or climb up there and tank 4-5 mines before I even got to them. Is there anyway we could fix rock throw to where the explosion animation will go off first, thus creating a blast radius that would set off multiple mines?



You can flame and climb at the same time.


If you were stage 3, start attacking the Relay. If they are all sitting on a mine rock throws can knock someone far enough to single them out. If neither of those 2 work, just eat 1 mine and wreck them.


So Madd… we meet again.


The problem is I don’t think there should be a “I have to eat a mine” moment.


Was the map Aviary?


ive also been getting slightly annoyed at how effective mines are against rocks. they shouldnt negate 100% of the rocks damage. and if there are a bunch of buckets turrets inside the mines its even worse. you have to waste to many abilities to take that stuff down and by the time you are ready to use an ability on a hunter bucket and markov have everything set up again.


Yeah it was Aviary.


I disagree. Sometimes you have to make a hard call with area denial tools. Toxic Grenade, Mines, Harpoon Turrets, Bucket Turrets etc… There is never a reason that you should be able to combat any of those situations without ‘eating’ something. That is what armor is for.

Also, on Aviery, attack from the outside (The large cages) and try to knock them into the heavy water. It’s hard for Hunters to get out of there and they can’t use abilities. Floating Ducks so to speak.