I can only play monster well as the Wraith and that sucks/


I hate feeling forced to play as the wraith, as the goliath or kraken it feels very difficult to shake players once they get a hold of me, especially when domed at stage 1. Even with speed boosts, stamina boosts etc, it’s hard to gain distance now everyone plays hunter well.

Especially if you are caught at the first evolution, it is terrible when you are domed and you try to go for the tapper, but they got a medic, you try to go for medic but they got hank shielding them.

Let’s say you stealth, well good luck with Daisy who smells you out. I suppose I can stick to the wraith but it feels like an easy way out.


I can relate to you quite a bit, I actually have no problems juking players with any monster, but I feel the strongest in fights with wraith, even though its not the most fun monster for me in concept. Wraith in general has a toolkit that meshes well, you can combo her skills nicely, while other monster feel totally clunky. The second you start playing vs hunters that can dodge your skill the first two monsters have hard time DPS anything down. Wraith skills on the other hand are much harder to dodge and dance around.


If they have Hank, he has to go down first or you have to isolate your target. Either works equally well, but Hank is your priority target #1. After that, do the medic, or the trapper if you need to bring down the dome. Again, try and isolate your target. I ALWAYS fight at S1, and sometimes win the game right there. Keep your cool, and pick your targets. Don’t go for the kill, just incap. IF they chase you, lure them past nomads, armadons, tyrants, megamouths, anything that can make their life hell. BTW, if they get caught in a carnivorous plant, you can pummel then as much as you like until the plant eats 'em. You also need to pick your arenas. Dangerous wildlife is a plus. Terrain which you can use to hide or break LoS is great. The two together are godly.

And finally? Lay false trails, then sneak back around. It does wonders, especially if you make it look like you’ve committed to going in one direction and then go in the other. Break their line of sight. Sneak when they’re nearby, and hide in a bush if you have to (If you do this, don’t move until they break LoS). They will usually ignore Daisy in my experience to follow your false tracks. Once they’ve committed to following them, you have an opportunity to eat up.


You are adding fuel to the fire of the claim that Wraith is OP, whether you intended to or not.


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It is OP, how can I just pick up the Wraith and all of a sudden have a win streak in hunt? It’s so easy. It’s not fun, I thought unlocking wraith would make me love being monster but it felt so cheap I actually wish it got nerfed while Goliath and Kraken were buffed a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you hate feeling forced to use the wraith, well that’s all on you. Because you do know theirs a solo option and in which you could train with the Goliath or the Kraken?

I myself started using the Goliath today because the wraith makes plenty of players bored of hunting, and it pisses them off that so many people use the wraith. The Goliath is a pretty good monster to use also, because I got used to it just today, and then I took it to online and I took a level 22, 20, 02, and a 12 down. Not that hard man.


Then you just wasted two steps and a few precious seconds by picking the wrong target. Next time, go for Hank straight away :slight_smile:


It’s never that simple, then the healer focuses on hank and the trapper harpoons you to slow you down from getting Hank. You just got to hope the hunters are not co-ordinated.


If the vast amount of advise on this forum isn’t healping - get Twitch, watch a good player, learn stuff.


The fire in this case being an inferno currently burning its way through any PUG that has the misfortune to encounter it.