I can honestly say that I'm frustrated


Why does even a badly played Wraith need a team of experienced / coordinated hunters to be killed when a badly played Goliath or Kraken will be killed by just any pickup team?

That just means its abilities are too strong to me.

I also feel that Wraith > Kraken > Goliath which I think is not a good thing. At least the new hunters are different, not stronger.


Have you ever played a wraith and then a goliath? I have and wraith is slow as heck! Only fast thing you can do us warp 2 times then wait til u can warp again. Go play them before you comment


lmao…those 2 warps are enough to clear a dome from one side to the other.


I honestly don’t know what to tell you but to say you’re clearly wrong. Wraith is clearly speedier.


Truth be told you are wrong here.If i get caught i simply use decoy,press space-bar 3 times and i’m so far away that i can Evolve before some1 catches me


You really dont need a crazy group of hunters to take down a wraith just communication and to know to just spread out when u cluster your asking to be supernovad…personally in random games im 3-1 vs wraith one of the wins was with a guy who had a mic n never played trapper before…just gotta communicate its key

Edit: personally I think its more of a matchmaking issue a lot of these monster wins with wraith punish those who dont communicate and cluster


It only seems fast because the pop out decoys and head opposite direction and no one is snart enuff to go the other direction from the decoy. I always get caught up on if i dont decoy … goliath no one catches me. Either way i get to lvl 3 on either monster and no one can kill me. So i frankly think hunters just suck atm.

Decoy… warp away ppl follow decoy and when its gone u seem across the map. Thats why it seems fast


Frankly, speaking OP is entirely correct and the matchmaking leader boards are just piling onto the evidence, I’ve currently got a thread going regarding these same issues and what balancing changes could be made.

If anyone has any feedback and suggestions please shoot us some of your thoughts to see if we can get some traction on this from the devs, thanks:


Care to explain why the vast majority of wraiths are undefeated if it’s so easy to beat them?
EDIT: Also, I don’t think I’ve seen someone get hit by supernova yet >.>

lol you really think I’m following the decoy that’s hitting my teammates in the face and flashing white? No I’m trying to follow your ghostly trail that just set off a sound sensor 180m away.


Hm. I guess I should withhold judgement until I play more games against the Wraith. I just know that from my experience so far as the Wraith, my matches have been much closer as a Wraith than it was as a Goliath or Kraken.


i played with a really shitty wraith once too. somehow he won form way behind, mostly because the hunters didnt want to mic.

Wraith is a bit strong right now.


If you’re very bad about leaving the area when hunters show up and are regularly getting caught in domes, you’re a very bad monster, much less wraith. You should be ending most your fights at full health unless you got caught while evolving…which again…shouldn’t happen…you’re wraith.


Just to chime in, I am already seeing the “Wraith OP” threads following an identical trend to the “Kraken OP” threads from the last testing period and the “Goliath OP” threads from before that. We’ve fought like what, maybe 4 wraiths each for one evening? Not nearly enough data yet to make a call.

Wraith is designed to mind **** people. Of course this is going to get bad reactions. People are already screaming for things like “remove damage and stealth from decoy” and “make decoy damage the wraith when she uses it”. While I won’t argue to the ability’s strength, this is obviously panic talking.

Consider that wraith preys on the unwary…this is a testing period, where only a small number know how to play the game or even put up a good fight.

I could understand some slight nerfs if needed, but seriously, I trust TRS’s balance team. They have been spot on 99.9% of the time. I’d personally withhold judgement until more data comes in.

Personally, I’ve only ever lost once to a wraith, and have killed around 4.

Also, take some of these posts with a grain of salt - people tend to exaggerate when they are unhappy with a loss.


griffin and hyde make a pretty strong team. all of my losses as wraith were vs a good hunter team that had hyde, griffin and laz
griffins harpoon persist through decoy, hydes massive aeo forces you out of fights and lazarus is… well lazarus


Just to chime back…leaderboards. Look at them, I even posted screenshots of them. Top 15 having 20+ games as wraith, with most of them being undefeated, 0 deaths. The only wraith I’ve beaten has been a very bad one that didn’t even use abduction and was very easy to track as far as wraiths go. OH WAIT

I play with a premade of players that have more than 80 hours playing this game already(most of us over 10 with this beta alone), you can’t give me the inexperienced at the game crap. Inexperienced with the wraith? Most of my matches have been against a wraith when we leave the monster to pubs in roughly 12 hours of playing as hunters this beta.

EDIT: Oh yea and I’m making this thread after having slept on it, so no immediate emotional bs getting in the way.


By the way when does a game end Draw? :smiley:


When the monster and last player standing kill each other in the same instant. The split second before the drawshot is in the op.


Oh yeah ty.

Anyway we will all see wsup with Wraith after beta ends.Macman usually shares the Data after each testing period to show us numbers.Monster/Hunters wins.He will also tell us what’s up with Wraith.


It’s actually more about time than anything else. A solid camping team can negate my abduct, and avoid the decoy and Supernova. I also find it quicker and easier to wipe a team as a Kraken or a Goliath than as the Wraith, especially if the enemy team has a Lazarus. I played 3 or so matches where I attempted to do the traditional “supernova+decoy” spam, and the Hunters caught on to the ploy quickly and adapted to it. The only time my health usually gets touched is when I’m fighting at Stage 3 at the Power Relay. Many times I would try and fight the Hunters at Stage 2, but the lack of ability to commit to a fight allowed the team to heal up while I snagged more armor. My point is that I can end matches much quicker and easier as Goliath or Kraken, especially Kraken, so I’m unsure of where the “Wraith is OP” keeps coming from. The Wraith is much more difficult to play in my experience than the other two monsters. It seems like people aren’t avoiding the Supernova+Decoy combo, but from my own experience, and from the dev stream of gameplay, it doesn’t seem as bad as people are making it out to be.

I haven’t played against a Wraith yet, so this is purely from my side as a Wraith player, but I do want to point something else out as well. Most people that have pre-purchased this game are most likely people that are experienced with the game already, and a LOT of the Hunters right now are bad against even Goliath (who I think is the easiest monster). I’m fairly confident I could beat most of the random Hunter groups that I pair up against with at Level 1 with Kraken or Goliath, I’m not sure if I could do it with Wraith. I think you would have to take the leaderboards with a grain of salt.


Naturally I assume TRS is already getting lots of feedback from us regarding this and taking appropriate steps, that’s why the posts I’ve made regarding it are analyzing the how and why objectively and not in a rage-fueled manner, plus forums are here to bring things to the attention of the devs regarding community observations.

Reading the topic on hand, frankly speaking, I’ve played with some solid hunters and wraith is problematic as it isn’t living up to its original design intent as a sneaky assassin, and instead plays like an extremely mobile brawler, with stealth >.> It’s not a mindfuck at that point. I’ve yet to be running around with friends and suddenly go, where’s Abe?!?!?!?! and everyone’s response should be “Huh, what? He’s gone?”