I can honestly say that I'm frustrated


I can take a good goliath, I can take a good kraken, I can take an elite hunter team on as both goliath and kraken(top 15 players), I can not take on a bad Wraith. Plenty of teams try and tell me “wraith is the easiest” and then proceed to not only lose to one, but lose to a bad one. I’ve uttered the phrase “I’m already tired of the Wraith”.

I consider myself a pretty exceptional tracker, and it shows on the replays at the end. I am ALWAYS on the heels of the monster when it’s a Goliath/Kraken or moving to head it off perfectly, I guarantee multiple domes if we need multiple, but I’ve yet to land a dome or even track a halfway decent wraith. I mean, not only is it the fastest monster to date(which let’s face it, the others have to screw up in order for you to catch up to them if you’re just chasing them) but it doesn’t make its sound often enough and it’s so quiet it’s hard to pick out…it can literally turn invisible for a lengthy period of time…and best yet it has a decoy that not only lasts a long time, is incredibly durable, deals massive damage, and can knockback great distances, but it can also trigger birds to distract the hunters. Oh and let’s not forget that NO tracking tool other than daisy can even keep track of it. Cabot dust? Nope, he has the decoy out, immune. Tranq dart? Pfft, decoy. Sound sensors? Lol the decoy sets those off too! Bucket UAV? Well I guess that could…oh bucket’s body has been abducted 3/4 across the map, GG bucket…and quite frankly…I’m not even sure Daisy is tracking the damned thing, she might be following the decoy too.

Alright so let’s go over these tools again…
Traversal allows you to clear 150m in less than 2 seconds, and you’re teleporting this distance.
Naturally the fastest to date.
Can turn invisible for several seconds.
Has a decoy that’s more threatening than she is.
Decoy’s duration and cooldown nearly match.
Immunity to tracking.

Now, I don’t mind the playstyle of the wraith, but her abilities need balancing. I mean, this should not be the results of a fight with both a bad wraith and bad monster player against an elite team…

As epic of a screenshot as that is, this should be a battle between an elite monster and elite team, not a bad monster and elite team. Oh and before you just take this as me whining(which you probably have), I just checked the leaderboards…most goliath players sit between 0.5 and 1.3 WLR, most krakens are sitting between 0.5 and 2, most Wraiths are undefeated(pushing upwards of 30 wins). It is CLEARLY overpowered. You can call it inexperience if you want, but this issue is blatant.

If you want my personal suggestions on what to fix…here they are…
Reduce decoy’s damage by at least half. I’ve seen ONE decoy incap TWO hunters in ONE use.
Increase decoy’s cooldown by a lot. The fact that this thing is approaching 100% uptime is insane. If its duration was for example 5, I would expect its cooldown to be at least 25.
Make the decoy less tanky, or at least let it be able to be popped when focus fired hard. It’s insane that this thing can essentially eat a full clip from the entire team or 2/3 a lightning gun.
Reduce traversal distance, but grant more traversal charges while also increasing recharge time. I don’t mind that she’s the fastest in the game, but she shouldn’t be able to never be caught up to ever. A burst of movement is fine, virtually maintaining 100m between you and the hunters at all times is ridiculous.
Reduce invisibility duration to 2/3/5 seconds and give it a fade time so she isn’t just gone(like 0.25-0.5 seconds). Maybe the duration is already this long, but in combat it just feels like it’s forever.
Reduce abduction’s auto grab range. I’ve seen the wraith clearly miss me(like 5m above my head) and still have it grab me, c’mon, at least force them to be accurate with this.
Allow the wraith to not only be affected by Cabot’s Dust and Tranq Darts but remain affected by it even after decoy is used. **Note implementing the decoy cooldown, might make this unnecessary
Make the wraith’s noise more distinct.
Make the noise of evolving wraith not global >.> wtf is that…seriously? 3-d sound might be busted.

See where that gets us.


I never say anything about OP threads because there’s been before OP Kraken/OP Lazarus etc etc.And they all been proven mostly wrong.The only thing i can agree with Wraith is that his decoy needs a bit of rework.Not damage or anything.Maybe the duration or the cooldown or something.Also if i hit him with Tracking Dart and he illus the dart moves to the decoy and never goes back to the original one.

Truth be told the devs has said this.Wraith is supposed to be uncatchable.She is supposed to go stage 3 easy.He can deals a lot of damage BUT against good hunters he can only deal that damage to 1 person.Making it easy for the support and medic to keep whoever gets the damage,alive.I actually won against Wraith today couple of times.Markov Mines and Harpoons are his enemies.If you keep placed mines or shits like this and have a good team that knows how to spread etc etc you can kill a Wraith Stage 3 easy.The problem is finding a group to do that.

But seriously as a wraith player i never have the feeling i got with Kraken.I’m never afraid of being caught.Because i will escape no matter what.Even if the monster is supposed to be like that it seriously needs something to make it a bit harder.I got domed today at stage 1 and lost half bar before i escaped the dome.I seriously lost only half bar before the dome expired.

So i’m good with everything Wraith is.Just make his decoy a biiiiiiiiiit less effective

PS.Tips from GentlemanSquirell since we were playing together before.You can hear wraith using Decoy.Even if he is invisible you can SEE the way he is headed if he presses spacebar.The Animation is still there.You can easilly understand when it is a decoy or the real deal.I just don’t like the how easy i can escape the hunters that’s all.

Edit.Is the Monster leaderboards work for you? :open_mouth: .Mine are not.Only the Overall works.Monster Leaderboards doesn’t show for me.I have over 10 games with Abe but if i choose the Trapper leaderboards i am not even there because all of my Tier3 games are not being counted as victory or loose.

Edit2.Tell you the truth i have lost with Wraith i think 2 times Goliath 1 time and Kraken still undefeatable :>


The Abduction is very hard to land, imo. I don’t think it needs to be nerfed. Additionally, if you brush against something in the environment it will stop you, which sucks.

I do have to ask if you’ve played as the Wraith yet or only against him?


You can try and tell me a good team can beat them but here’s the top 15…

Maybe top 15 is unfair…top 100

Well damn still undefeated…top 200…?

STILL undefeated.

Ok ok, some of them have losses but it’s not more than 4 for the vast majority and still a majority have yet to die.

No I haven’t, don’t have the game preordered(trying to win it first). But I’m pretty damned observant, I know when a line skill has clearly missed me or my teammates and managed to hit anyways. It’s one of those things where you turn away going “they’re fine” and then you see them go flying and you’re like “wtf”.

Oh believe me, I know the decoy, it flashes white for god’s sake when it takes damage, and I can track the movement of the wraith in combat for the most part, but the moment she turns a corner, I’ve lost all ability to track it. And following the general direction of something fleeing combat, is usually a good way to lose track of it, as monsters love to double back.

EDIT: and check those distance numbers lol…like 3x more than similar play counts on anything else.


Yes it seriously needs the tracking part to be left on the real one since she can run so fast.

But as i said when i faced him random i lost.When i faced him with a party of 4 and a Teamspeak,with mines,hunters being spread so he can only attack 1),i won against her.2 times.

Once again i agree something must happen with this decoy


We spent a good 8 hours with a full premade on mumble losing to these things before getting frustrated and deciding to either play against each other, ragequit to other games, or play as the monster ourselves. And believe me, we tried just about every hunter combination we could think of, including all of the tier 3s. We decided the ultimate team is probably: Caira, Cabot, Maggie, Whocares.


I only beaten a Wraith because he did stupid things. A competent Wraith? Forget it.

A high level Wraith Streamer who I won’t name said there’s nothing wrong with Wraith. His only reason? “I’ve beaten the Wraith with a team of devs so it’s not OP”.

There you have it people, if you want to beat the Wraith get a team of high level players if you want a good chance of beating it.


The devs also state Abe is a good hunter and tried to show it off during his reveal, and all we could see is failure after failure and now that he’s released, it has just confirmed how much of a failure he is.


I actually think Abe is really good. His obvious weakness he’s the worst at finding the Monster, but he his AOE slow and dart tracking is really good.


Oh so it needs to be a win always for the hunters right? 1 person against 4. Say you nerf it and u have 4 good hunters that communicate. … how are you supposed to survive? It has low shield, slow movement speed and less defense than the others.

I just cant agree with monsters being face rolled all the time i want there to be some kind of challenge…


Who the hell said faceroll? What part of “vast majority of wraiths are undefeated” did you miss? Also slow movement speed? Are you high? It’s the fastest of them all.

He’s terrible. Slows don’t stack as far as I can tell, and the slow doesn’t exactly slow down traversals or skills, and the monster is still fast enough to get to you through a chain of them.


Pressing Decoy, running away and seeing Health go down because your AI bot deals damage isn’t a exactly a challenge for the Wraith Players.


I must disagree strongly about Abe.He is by far my favorite trapper.Especially against Kraken.Give me a nice team against a good Kraken and we will win 80% of the times because of Abe


Can’t agree more…the biggest problem here is people not adjusting to a wraiths style countless times im put up against a team who bunches up and I supernova them all…however the one time I got an awesome game in I was down to little health due to the stealth pounce…the wraith can be beaten u just have to communicate

Edit: do I think decoy needs a tweak absolutely I think it should be strictly defensive and deal minimal to no dmg


I’ll give you that he’s a decent counter to Kraken, but overall, terrible. All it does is keep Kraken out of the sky, and most Kraken players are lost when they’re fighting on the ground. But a hybrid fighter(which is what I do), is hardly affected by Abe.

Yea when teams are smart they bring down wraith all the time! Wraith: 99.8% win rate.


Don’t forget that it also lowers the attack damage(except if i am very wrong)


If it does, it’s not by enough to matter. Just like the damage reduction perks don’t matter for hunters because you’re still getting 4 shot even with 2 star damage reduction, but hey 3 star buys you an extra hit…maybe…if it doesn’t use the big skills that is…


Anyway i’m pretty sure after the beta ends and they get all the data if they see something like 70% victory rate on Wraith it will be fixed.The whole game is based upon having a close 50-50 win ratio between hunters and monsters


How does this compare to Kraken’s W/L when people first got their hands on it?


lol 70…there are so many undefeated wraiths it would not surprise me that 99% is NOT an exaggeration.

When Kraken came out, it was pretty close to 50%, but the whiners were loud. You didn’t see me complaining then, because we were kicking its ass the vast majority of time. You saw me defending the Kraken when it was released.