I came back to Evolve, and I still see the things that turned me away from the game


I was enjoying myself for the most part in elo-hell in the new Hunt2.0. That is… until I started ranking up with a group of people and suddenly… Krakens, Wraiths… Krakens, Wraiths… Krakens, Wraiths.

Can you beat them? Definitely. From what I heard in ESL, Kraken is still at the top. However… that doesn’t mean they are enjoyable to fight against.

There always seems to be some form of arms race going on between the Hunters and the Monsters. A new monster comes out with a different playstyle to change the current playstyles of Hunters… and new Hunters come out to try and counter Monsters. Yet, these two Monsters still never feel like they are ever being countered.

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing CC still being inconsistent or useless against Kraken/Wraith, but perfect for Goliath/Behemoth. The few times I lose to Goliaths/Behemoths I never feel cheated or cheesed minus the facts that Behemoth now moves like a freight truck and his tongue pulls through terrain(?).

Losing to Kraken and Wraith still always feels like horseshit and frustrates the hell out of me and my friends. Whenever I’ve lost to a Behemoth/Goliath I chalk it up to making a mistake but never with the other two monsters.

I’m not having fun when a Wraith flies behind a rock and decoys and we suddenly lose track of it, or the fact that Decoy does some ludicrous damage still. When the Wraith is invisible, right next to me and pounces me with no way of knowing they were there because of the Decoy duration. When CC hardly makes a difference against Kraken/Wraith when for some reason it doesn’t slow them down nor hold them back.When Kraken can still interrupt pick-ups on with his range auto-attack while running away from +50 meters and there is nothing you can do about it. Like literally, these two Monsters don’t even feel like they are suppose to be apart of the game with their kit.

I’m confident many will disagree, but there is a reason that most people’s go-to complaints about Monsters are Kraken/Wraiths. I’m probably going to start steadily playing this game less again and eventually stop once I grow tired of getting these Monsters. Maybe running into a few good Goliath games will keep me going.


Don’t blame wraith for those bad games, blame the players behind them. Those players suck bualls usually and can’t do anything else but run till 3 and decoy spam. The GOOD wraiths are out there (me) that will give you a run for your money and play the way she was meant to. Hyper agressive even if it costs me.

But on regards to kraken… fuckem. kraken is a pain in the ass to people that have little idea what they’re doing and he is just super hard to fight unless you know what you’re doing and you make NO mistakes.

Like I said, wraith is not the problem at this point since everyone knows how wraith should be played, but few rarely do. If you are on pc I can show you what a really good wraith fight is.

Also, wraith really is affected by CC which is fairly annoying. The thing about CC with these two monsters though is that they need to be CC’d a lot and consistantly to really make a humongous difference. If you keep me stasis’d I will start struggling and harpoons are apin if it is well timed and also maggie (grrr). Jack is a new pain that i need to figure out.

Kraken NEEDS to be constantly CC’d to take him to the ground though, it just takes a lot of skill to take him down since good kraken players will keep their traversals only to stay in the air… He’s annoying but not OP.

Neither is wraith. It just takes prictice and training.


Also, Wraith and Kraken boith really benefit from you making mistakes and can really punish you for it because of their mobility, against really defensive comps, they realy really struggle.


I’m not saying get gud, I am just explaining why you were having a hard time.


Well if a Wraith goes behind a rock and Decoys then pounces you… that’s kinda what she was meant to do…

Hell there is even a Mastery Challenge and Tutorial about this. If Wraith goes behind a rock and Decoys then everyone needs to be shooting all around that rock. Hyde and Caira are best for this without question due to Toxic Nades and Flame Weapons.

I personally still find her weak and unfit in her current state but this will probably stay with people such as yourself who complain about a Monster that does it’s best to stay alive with what little Armor and Health it has. I mean how dare it try to live?

Sure Flee to Three Monsters are annoying but they are usually terrible fighters and you just need to set up at the relay or have your Trapper actually trap them in a really good spot. Remember it’s no longer about getting the Dome, it’s where you get it.

And Wraith and Kraken get hurt pretty bad by proper CC. Crow’s charged shots pull me to the ground like crazy and Jack is Wraith’s worst nightmare. If you can’t CC the Monster then that’s up to your Trapper either in gameplay or in Trapper choice of character.

And you can blame Jack for there not being as many Goliaths and Behemoths. He’s a little prick…


Abe and Crow are great against him.

Jack and Griffin are great against her.

This is why you dodge.

Actually, when Wraith decoys and you know for a fact it’s nearby, you should shoot around a bit and see if you get a hit. This is most easy for Hyde.

I honestly haven’t seen a Kraken-hate-thread in awhile, and I rarely see Wraith-hate-threads. Is it possible or, more likely, probable that you just aren’t adapting at the same rate as other players?

To be honest, you just sound like some frustrated dude who doesn’t know how to counter some monsters so you come here saying they’re anti-fun. And, yes, in some cases they CAN be anti-fun. They all can. All monsters can cheese.

Bouncing Goliaths, the ones that hop around a dome and hide in it till they reach S3. This is especially bad with MG since it has longer leaps.

Aftershock-Spam Kraken, self explanatory.

Decoy-Spam Wraith, the people who still think this is the beta when Wraith was ridiculously OP.

Relay-Wall Behemoth, when Bob continuously RW’s the relay and tears it down a bit, little by little, till it breaks, not even trying to wipe the hunters. Granted, Cabot eliminates this strategy, but then you lose shields.

Kraken and Wraith can be taken down just as easily as other monsters. You just have to do it in different ways.


No, I’m blaming the Krakens/Wraiths. Yes, there were mistakes… but it never feels like we got out-played. It just feels like BS rather than getting outplayed. I’ve played as Goliath and against Goliath really damn well, and it’s very apparent when they are outplaying you. Kraken/Wraith on the other hand… don’t even need to be on ESL level to outplay you. They are two monsters that just don’t fit into the game and thus why no mistakes have to be made against them. The Goliath and Behemoth are in rough spots and we just keep chucking out Hunters to counter the Monsters that only seem to counter the same two over and over.

That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about how CC just plain inconsistent does not work on them. As in, you use it and they still move in the direction that they are not suppose to.

You can explain it all you want. Even if I get a team that we all play 100% and make genuinely zero mistakes it’s still not going to be fun at all to fight these monsters.

I figured I’d get people telling me how to play when I know well how to play. All these tips and suggestions are not going to change my opinion in the fact that these monsters are still never fun to play against.


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The current mechanics of how CC work don’t really bring him to the ground that well, this has been going on for a long time and isn’t new. Nothing major has really been done to tweak CC to hinder his air mobility because by the time he starts dropping he can traverse again.

It’s not uncommon for Trappers to become damage dealers in Kraken fights than waste time spamming CC that isn’t going to do much.

I miss the days when tranqs and stasis slowed his air movement and dropped him.


Thanks Slewey for backing me up on this. We should Evolve together again some time this week.

I… don’t need the advice though. Everything you mentioned I’m already aware of. I’m just saying it’s not a fun mechanic to deal with.


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So… What is the purpose of this thread than? I’m honestly not following.

I get it if you want to rant, because yes, Kraken battles (no idea where you’re getting Wraith from, but some people have easier times with things then others and some have harder, as I for one suck against Behemoth) can be somewhat annoying. However, there is already a major thread called “Evolve Anonymous” designed specifically for rants about the game or others playing it to let out your frustration.


To express my concern and distaste of where the game currently is as it’s frustrating as both a new and veteran player.

So… what was the purpose of asking the question if you already knew the answer?


Its like every other day I see a thread where somebody whines how this character is anti fun, then people tell them they are being irrational, and then they get salty. For every single character and monster. I just saw a thread saying wraith is underpowered for Christ’s sake. All of these people that can check a wraith or kraken while you can’t maybe you should listen to them since you are the one with the problems man.


My “answer” was that I can kind of understand what you mean because certain monsters can be somewhat unpleasant to other players.


Guys… no personal attacks… don’t make me shut this down.


Like I said Wraith is killing the playerbase: Why you guys scared the possible new players with your annoying/boring Wraith?

Kraken also but at least he is little bit more fun than Wraith.


Wow, because clearly Wraith is clearly the sole problem this game has and everyone left because of her. Don’t make me laugh.

People need to stop blaming ONLY MONSTERS when there are CLEARLY quite a few hunters that are anti-fun. No, I am not monster-biased, I play both sides and can honestly say that BOTH sides have anti-fun characters and really, if you think pub Wraith is anti-fun, you clearly haven’t fought 2.0 Behemoth. He is kinda ridiculous now what with the unsure radius of the lava pools and losing 75% of your hp from burning.


Wraith is UP at stage 3 compared to every other monster. She excels at ambushing people but when she is forced to fight in the open at the relay shes the weakest of the lot she also has the easiest time getting to stage 3.

@innis Wraith is the more established “anti-fun” monster which is why she is always the focus of these things during the Beta was when she was worst and then she was the dome dodging queen after that people kinda ignored the less than fun hunters except for when Sunny/Torvald/Slim were at their strongest.


Oh but of course, and I agree 100%. But it is seriously silly to say that Wraith, at this very moment and past the 2.0 update, is moreorless the reason players are leaving the game.

Definitely not (for the most part) because of Kraken. Definitely not because of Behemoth, nope. Definitely not because players are sick of Slim/Caira/Jack/Laz/Hank or Sunny. Its because of Wraith.