I came back after short break, Hunters are nerfed in every way - Whats happened and why?

It feels a little bit that now half way competent Monsters can win against a competent Team.

The list of changes can be found here.

The game is actually super hunter favored atm.

At least on PC.

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wtf why they did do this?

I play on both. HUnter favored? I see only hunter nerfs.
Whats the current META?

I know that because you’ve been on a break from evolve which creates a larger difference in changes. However, it seems the changes have been overall good towards balancing the game

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Those hunter nerfs are a start towards some balance.

At the moment, monsters are extremely underpowered.

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Hunter dominant era.

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Trust me there no way if a monster can be slowed to the point it can’t flee and only option is to die the hunters its still hunter favored but has improved somewhat. Also the comp that slows monster to the point of death is val+sunny+griifin or val+sunny+jack…So yeah area’s of improvement needed.

For me the hunters feel very underpowered. What is the current playstyle?

Don’t forget about blitz Markov and Rogue Val.~

Hunters aren’t UP at all.

I will try tomorrow again hope that we will have more luck. Today it feels not good.

I happen to agree with you, they nerfed the crap out of hunters because people are “Having trouble winning in Bronze” xD

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The meta is…
Any assualt (usually Hyde or Torvald)

It’s a high pressure chase squad. Sunny is able to keep Griffin right on the monster with her jetpack booster. Val is able to tranq it to make it even easier.

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If I hear people say hunters are UP one more time x.o

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The hunters are seriously OP

The monsters are fine, but the hunters are OP.

Esp. a val sunny comp.


OP and UP are relative terms.

You can’t say one side is OP but the other is fine. If one side is OP, by definition the other side is UP. :stuck_out_tongue:


UP in comparison, if the other side was brought down it’d be fine.


Sunny/Griff/Val is OP. Everything else is either fine or in need of a BUFF. But nah, TRS saw fit to nerf the most balanced of them anyway because “People were fighting the deployables, not the hunters!”

That’s like nerfing monster abilities because you’re fighting them, not the melees.


Same goes for xbox but not ps4.