I Call Torvald's Mortars


Pain Rain.

You know you’ll use this.


The pain rain needs to be a little louder.

Did I do it right? :smiley:








Pain Rain huh? I suppose I can try when I play Torvald.


No. You will never play Torvald.


I play him occasionally. Against you, I played him. ^.^


Yes…Yes you did. ;-;


It’s okay, you got me alone and killed me. :smile:


Hey Torvold, what do you hear?


ah could do this for other characters too!
Like Markov: The frightening Lightning :3


Except it’s not.


It is when I bring the Thunder from Down Under O.O :fist:


Just call him giant mammoth bird man, is it that hard ?


Yes. See Mammoth Birds are powerful and scary. Markov is a bit of a joke. His weapons do no damage, mines are pathetic and he looks and acts pretty goofy.


Mines are pathetic, they were over-nerfed, NO COW, THEY ARE NOT OP.

Imagine if we had mammoth birds powering markov >3


Wait, who thinks mines are OP?


Sigh, abit after the markov mine-destroyer patch, cow and somebody else were talking about markov mines, with cow stating they were ( either OP or very good, don’t recall ) even after the nerfs, and my brain froze.



I mean do you actually think that and if so why? You’re a way better Monster than me so I’m curious now.



/so derailed


I feel like mine damage was definitely overnerfed. Like they added obligatory, even unnecessary nerfs to the CCMM comp with that first major balance patch - Maggie’s Harpoon Traps if anything needed a little boost, they’re basically a mild annoyance (useful for kiting, but easily destroyed all at once) and Cabot’s damage was reduced too much (same with Slim, now that I think of it - 30% damage nerf is just too much at once, no matter who it is). Markov is still one of the best Assaults, but since his mines have that big glowing red “don’t come near me” aura (which I will never understand), they really SHOULD be extremely damaging. Torvald’s Mortars are pretty much fine; the more mobile the Monster, the less likely they are to hit, and Monsters are pretty mobile.