I bought some items from the store awhile ago but I don't have then anymore


I believe I still have the object I bought from the store I just have to go through the buying process again but I still don’t trust that. Example: I bought the character, Sunny a long time ago but now it’s saying I need to buy it again.


What platform are you on?


You may need to make sure the character DLC is downloaded.

On XB1, go to Manage Game and scroll way to the right and see if Sunny is listed under the ready to download section.

If you’re on PC (Steam), right click on the game and go to “View Downloadable Content” and make sure there’s a checkmark next to Sunny and she’ll download.

I’m not familiar with how to do this on PS4 but it’s probably similar to the two above.

IF that doesn’t solve your problem, fill out this form and 2K Support should contact you to figure out the issue: http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new