I bet you guys wish your ping was as good as mine!


Post your SpeedTest results

EDIT: This is my actual ping right now. Can’t get anything done. IT is going nuts. The test before this was 16…




Now you’re just gloating. ;-;


The lower the ping the better?


Yarp. Definitely.


I’m at work right now. Tested twice. Same result. This can’t be real :open_mouth:


I’ve got 20 in one place and 2 in another one. So I can manage to ping 180 on the west coast, 200 maximum.

Still, most consumer ADSL (all of them, if you exclude fiber connections) are 1 Mbps max in upload here in my country :frowning: a company even makes 20mbps/512kbps subscriptions.

I solved my lag problems on the 100/10mbps and on the 12/1 Mbps connection with two R7000 routers (one in each house) with dd-wrt installed, and htb/fq_codel as QoS settings (throttling quantum and target on the slower one). Even torrenting while gaming now, gives me 15ms jitter maximum on the 12/1 and 1-2ms maximum on the 100/10







Can I gloat?


It’s debatable


Here’s mine :smile:


Anyway, is your connection shared so you can’t disconnect other people, or you can disable all other hosts, and try again?
Those pings scream “torrent” to me.


Uh…How exactly do I do the thing with the button and the thing to test the other thing?


go to speedtest.net and click Begin Test


I was expecting worse to be honest, I’m impressed (I’m not sure if being on wireless makes a difference)


It does 10char


I expected as much. :stuck_out_tongue:


For a moment there, I thought you lived in the ocean.


Sweet! Uh, is this a good thing?


Better than mine it seems. ;w;


I actually laughed at this.