I believe that regardless of outcome skins should be awarded

When I played as monster during the event I made sure not to destroy Buckets turrets so they could get damage in.

Yeah, there were quite a few factors. I had kind of assumed/hoped they would extend it a little bit if we were really close because of those factors:

  1. I’m not entirely sure if offline play (solo vs. AI) actually counts despite a post claiming that it does. It very well might, but no one has clarified why solo play counts now when it never counted as having played during the first few events (you wouldn’t even get the skin if you only played solo), let alone counting towards the goal. Someone asked for clarification during the Friday stream, but the answer didn’t explain anything. (Please don’t argue that it does if you aren’t a dev or post the original message.)

  2. Xbox Live was down or spotty for 2 days out of 3, including peak weekend nighttime hours. This is a major factor.

  3. Some have said the announcement for the event popped up late with the wrong starting day listed (I dunno about either of these things, but it couldn’t hurt to announce these events a bit earlier).

  4. Nobody I ran into in-game (on PC) even knew there was a secondary goal of 350M - just the original 200M goal for Bucket, the only thing mentioned on the news feed. PC players are generally the most informed of the playerbase, but nobody had a clue besides forum-goers.

  5. Nobody knew how close we were to the goal and whether or not to keep trying because there’s no counter that tells us how close we are. This hasn’t been a problem in the past because the goals were fairly easily achievable and the characters involved are already played frequently.

  6. Just generally, the bar was set pretty high on this one. After the first full day we were only at like 70M.


Slightly… entranced…