I believe that regardless of outcome skins should be awarded


My reasoning is simple, even if we get buckets skins. The fact that Xbox was out of this and we still somehow managed to pass up 250mil (im assuming) is absurd due to the fact that a larger amount of the playerbase is on xbox. with them, i could almost guarantee we would have achieved our goals and given the entire community the glory of support skins!

TLDR: i need my cab- i mean support skins because due to unforeseen circumstances we were unable to reach our goal as a community. (assuming we didnt)


Pretty sure we got them anyway.





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I spent hours farming for the skins, please get them!


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What? Xbox doesn’t count for the damage?


Yeah… this event definitely had a few issues. Late change to the in-game news, the specifics on the news weren’t clear (no info on stretch goal), XBox participation issues, etc.

We’ll see what they do, but it would be nice if they pulled the grace card if we didn’t make it.


Wait Xbone wasn’t involved no one told me lol.


Mathew said on the evolve subresdit that they hired someone to them accurate numbers for these events. That’s the official stand on things but I have muh doubt’s /shrug


bump for discussion.


If you/we didnt complete the challenge then we shouldnt get them


Agreed, otherwise people aren’t likely going to put in the extra effort.


If a challenge is set then we have to achieve it regardless of the adversity that may stand in our way. If there was a proper failure then I’m sure TRS/2K would extend or re-align the challenge, but the outages and such weren’t enough that we couldn’t have got the stretch goal if everyone had tried. As has been said elsewhere, there were too many people not picking Bucket (I’ll ignore the people picking kraken as I don’t feel that they should have to make it easy for the hunters, and buckets need to learn how to place sentries better). If you give the reward regardless of the fail then people will just presume that it’s a ploy to get people on servers during the weekend rather than an actual community event.


Just bucket’s


we could have gotten it…
I lost sleep over this event…


Busted my hump to try and get the numbers up despite the evil matchmaking wanting nothing more than to make me the monster regardless of my preference settings. Running it concurrently with the Hunters Quest challenge also didn’t help. My partner had to be a very patient woman.