I believe that I have found a team of hunters that could counter behemoth


Just bear with me here. I know that behemoth is not released yet but I believe I have found a team of hunters that could destroy him.
Val and abe would be there to slow him down and reveal him on the map while Cabot and Hyde do the damage.


Only if Hyde gets a buffhyde and monster vids


Hyde isn’t that bad from my experience using him. a slight buff maybe but overall I feel he is about where he needs to be maybe increase his poison grenade slightly as well as his minigun (both very slight increases to damage) and he should be about right where he needs to be overall I still feel like he’s quite powerful and when laz has a monster all tagged up that minigun=god of war status lmfao


I dunno, mines seem like they would be very good against him, much better than toxic grenades.


Doesnt slow traversal, tounge grab val and rock wall their medic is dead and behemoth will dish out way more damage than the hunters can even with cabot cause he’s tge tankiest so na i can see many ways behemoth can counter those hunters and many ways the hunters can counter him. I dont think that comp will be anything soecial against him especially if he tounge grabs and rock walls cabot, then they really wont be able to do much damage.


I think Abe is the best tracker against behemoth - he’s either very slow and sneaky, or he has to roll away, which gives Abe all he’ll ever need to track it.

BUT! What about Griffin and Harpoon Gun? Can’t traversal out of it, can it? Plus the fact he’s so easy to track with proper soundspike placement - after all, he’s slow if he’s not rolling.

Maggie has best denial though - Traps in an arena = having to deball from traversal and cut the harpoon, meaning stopping for quite some time.

Also, What about Bucket? His turrets seem like they can become very reliable to keep damaging even though Behemoth walled Bucket himself out.

Barrage + Stationary Behemoth = Crapton of damage.

Hyde will probs have the easiest time against a Behemoth simply because toxic grenades are lovely. Also, slow Behemoth is not fireproof.

Markov and his mines are also worth mentioning tho, and so is Parnell’s ability to Super Soldier himself to make that Wall cooldown count.

And finally, Caira will have easy time against Behemoth. Gets the team over walls faster with Adrenaline Boost, doesn’t actually have to go over them to heal, nor can be denied by one wall that will sparate Laz and the Body.

Also, I just thought about how great will Rail Cannon be - it’s almost a requirement with Laz on team if you don’t want to let the Monster eat bodies. Doesn’t even need vision on it, can just shoot trough walls.


I appreciate the convo but…

  1. We won’t really know jack until we can actually face-off against the beast.
  2. We don’t know what monster we’re facing prior to choosing a class/character

Kinda makes all this a moot-point no?


Afaik harpoon’s don’t stop the roll, they just slow it down. Pretty sure I read Macman or someone say so.


Hyde is definitely fine, but under-utilized. Once you get his 10% masteries it feels like he’d be OP if they added too much. People just suck; they need to place a mine on the ground, they can’t aim a grenade (Wraith can just Decoy all your mines, but can’t do so to clear a giant noxious gas cloud), and your team will whine if they’re not smart enough to avoid a GIANT GREEN CLOUD. He does as much damage as other Assaults, it’s just mostly front-loaded into the flamethrower. Hyde is the best Assault against Wraith, incredibly useful against Goliath, less useful against Kraken compared to others, but still, headshotting with minigun and using flamethrower & gas grenades as area denial is never a bad thing. Flamethrower is the highest DPS assault weapon there is, and you really notice 5-10% extended range. Honestly, I can’t wait to take Elite Hyde for a spin against Behemoth (before never playing him again so I can get the masteries for all the new characters).


The problem is none of those hunters have anything against extreme area denial, that Rock Wall will be devastating with the Magma Bombs in tow.


We can experiment all we like on the forums till it comes out in spring, whenever that is, what I do know is Stage 3 is gonna be one hell of a slaughter.


For those interested, I figured I’d put some early footage in the thread for ya


I would use this team.

Abe: because he can slow and track the Behemoth, while also dealing damage.

Parnell: because he can deal major dmage, while also taking large damage.

Lazarus: because he can revive dead allies and stealthily create weak points on the Behemoth.

Hank or Cabot: because Hank can shield allies and deal large damage, and Cabot because he can track the Behemoth, deal damage and amplify team damage.

Hope you like :slight_smile:


Doesn’t know what the skill names are, but the video clearly has the behemoth gaining progression for the lava bomb ability =P


Also I have to ask, is Hyde’s damage numbers on his flame thrower broken? I mow down the monster with the flamethrower (Literally next to the monster spraying his face for a full 7 seconds a piece) and on the end-game results it would say I only did like 6k damage. When I’m pretty sure I did well over 25k!


I dunno. It seems pretty accurate to me.