I believe Evolve will make a comeback in a year or two


I believe right now Evolve will make a comeback in a year or two based on the kinds of things we can see that will be added in the game and for free even and the inevitable evolve sales and discounts on it, also like most AAA titles, the price will go down over time, Evolve took a big blow right before release I know this overblown DLC is the cause of the low playerbase, because whenever I mention this game on any other sight I get the all too common response of “DLC:The Game” and “You have to pay 120$ for the full game” and there is no reasoning with those people. There are some that make reasonable arguments About the lack of a campaign, but its mostly just the DLC garbage. Angry Joe’s review did not help any either, He acted as if the skins were an advantage or mandatory when you don’t HAVE to buy the skins if you dont want to. I really believe Evolve will make a comeback with the adding of maps and gamemodes Especially if TRS makes a campaign , and maybe adds unlock-able skins. Evolves main downfall was bad marketing and the bandwagon that follow /rant

The main reason for this post was the sudden increase of “Evolve is dying” posts


I think it will comeback in a couple months just with the dlc that will be coming in the spring including Behemoth and the t4 hunters a bit after that. Couple maps to if I’m not mistaken


its going to be a rough start, but being the only game that offers this experience at this level of art quality means to me it wont ever truly die.


It’ll only die if the community lets it. It’s understandable that there are problems, and people have had trouble enjoying it to its fullest extent. But it’s only just coming up to 1 month and far too many people haven’t been willing to at least let the patch drop first before making their final decision, electing instead to bow out simply because it’s taking too long for them.

Persevere and help keep the game alive by contributing to the genuine discussions on the forum.


This is my experience not only on other sites, but even with my friends. Despite the fact that TLoU, CoD, & any number of AAA releases has the exact same thing, just trying to explain to anyone that there is no 150-300$ worth of DLC, it’s like 50$ worth of unnecessary cosmetic microtransactions, there was no Day 1 “content” locked behind a pay wall - simple concepts really - is a no-go. Just the fact that I have to explain it is off-putting to people, who are just straight up blaming the GAME for the misinformation others have spread about it.

The elitist PC gamer bandwagon-hivemind marches on. “I’m not gonna play this good game I would probably like from a reliable developer because I don’t like the publisher’s ‘attitude’ - even though I buy all kinds of games published by them anyway.” or “I’m a CSGO/TF2/L4D player who thinks this similar multiplayer focused game isn’t enough content for 60$, the same price I paid for those other games with the same amount of content.”


Doing a free weekend would be very beneficial, but if that happens then we all have to play nice with the newcomers or else we’ll scare even more people away xD


I’m a little unnerved that the game has been out for … 32 days (?) and it’s percieved that it needs to make a comeback.

NEWS FOR THE ALARMISTS: the community is us. If we don’t play, there’s no community. The numbers aren’t that important. Once all the heat has died down and people move onto the Next Non-troversy (which, honestly, I had expected all of ‘this’ to be pretty much over by now, but it seems like people are determined to keep TRS on that cross and poking them with spear tips), then the game will establish itself. We know what’s here. Yes, the True Believers have to hang in there. Over time, after all the launch issues are settled (OMG, A TRS APOLOGIST ACKNOWLEDGED THERE ARE ISSUES!?!?!?!), some of those who left will come back, and once the negativity ringing in people’s ears from the ‘anti-’ crowd has faded, new blood will come.


The issue that people have with it is that it is more of an overarching theme of the game industry to take things that used to be part of the base game and try to squeeze even more money out of their fanbase. The issue is that something as simple as alternate skins should have just been put in the game for everyone.


Guess again, I guess.


This is my go to game and the console player base seems to be doing fine. So, waaaah waaaaah waaaaah to the dlc cry babies.


I like it BECAUSE of the dlc.
it means continued support, and more content.


This is true. But to dislike because of it or because there’s not enough is crazy. But, as I said, I played games like quake 3 arena where there wasn’t any of that stuff. My friends and I played against each other and had a blast everyday.