I apologize for this in advance


i bought this game to play as monster.

but the game seems to decide what i get to play.

so you will get two things from me, depending on how much time i have to kill at that time.

i will either

A-pick a mastery to rank up and only do that

B-quit the match

when the new change occurs that punishes me for quitting, i wont care, it will benefit me, as i only want to play the monster. and i do not care about my ranking at all. i dont have friends that play videogames (they all have families and tell me they dont have time/dont want to play games) so this wont affect anyone really, but the lower ranking people i will get to curbstomp due to my ranking being lowered for leaving human matches.

so, if youd like, since i get the impression there are far too mosnter players, just let monster players always be monster. would save everyone time honestly.


You don’t sound particularly apologetic.


Wins are the only thing, as far as I know, that actually affect the ranking. Truth be told, when a bunch of players are around with monster as their first pref I find it rotates around and I get to play as my second or third choice well enough.


You’re what should be nerfed.


its a formal apology, not a sympathetic one.

and @gaurrus, they are supposedly gonna make it so if you leave a match it counts as a loss. but if i guess that how it works i still wont care.

i dont have enough time in the day to putz around as a human. not when matches are up to 20 minutes long.

and yes Vindelisal, i probably should…be nerfed.


made the same thread, got only hate. because apparatly the system is fine and works as intended.

i dont want to get hunter at all when i queue as monster!


Similarly, I don’t want people to get monster when they want to play as hunter. From the opposite side of view, it is annoying that people quit immediately at the lobby when they see that they’re the monster.


people should deal with it in my opinion, if you dont like your role just leave, dont ruin it for everybody else just because you have probblms with the game.

i highly prefer playing hunter but if i get monster i will try my best with that, they could try to make a split que system, but then people will also start complaining that ‘‘i want to ONLY que as one class, why cant i do that when i can decide to only que as monster’’ also if they make it then dont you dare come back and complain when there is a ton of wait times because they cant find enough monsters.


I think per-class queue is a little pushing it. Separating between hunters and monsters would be enough imo.


YOU would, but other people wont, people are also complaining that they cant get the same role every time, and if you allow monster and hunters to split up then people will use it as an argument ‘‘if you can do it with monster you can also do it with hunters’’

what are ya even playing on and what level are ya? its almost impossible to find monsters in high level pc play.


40 PC. I get a lot of monsters that just quit the moment they know they’re going to be monsters but stayed regardless of what hunter class they get. I think it is a good place to draw the line. Just separating hunter and monster is fine.


A feature where players could disable hunter/monster in matchmaking but at the same time get an explanation on screen that it can take far longer to find a match would be neat.

Or before throwned in to a lobby you get to know what is available in that party. So you can accept or decline if you want join that lobby before actually joining it. Saving time for all of us.

Being able to play monster in matchmaking with a party as a feature and not a bug would make me really happy. Then you could join up with a party, play with people you know as the monster and don’t need to play with bots as in custom games right now.

But really it should have a monster/play as the boss mode. When you either play against players or bots. Sort of an inverted coop in evacuation.

I don’t worry that much I think TRS will fix most of our reasonable demands but it will take time. They most be so stressed out right now with all the hating going around.

Anyway, op. What platform do you play? Xbox, ps4 or pc? If you want to play monster I have some people who mainly plays hunters so we could play some custom games if you want to.

You’ll find me on steam, pc.


I suck with monster - I’m glad about anyone who does the job for me. Monster player: You’re basically my entertainer - and if you love it - even better so.