I am worried after the end


Whats going to happen to Evolve after the new support. Of course probably adaptations, but that won’t take long. After tier 2 adaptations, its over? :frowning:

I don’t want this game and its spirit to dissolve and be eaten up :frowning:

I have met some many great people on this forums and don’t want to stop. Approx. 3 months left and thats it?

I am… scared


Lets see how things are after the Tier 2 adaptations, there’s no need to be scared… if there is the demand then the devs have shown they want to keep working on this game!


They’ve said T2 and T3 adaptations for sure. After that they haven’t said anything. Silence is not condemning though. It could be they are deciding on going back for even more adaptations T1-T3, Adaptations for DLC characters, and/or T6. I wouldn’t worry. They are the type of company that would say they are done and have shown plenty of interest in continuing to add and work on the game.


I didn’t know tier 3 was confirmed… THATS AMAZING.

But in your honest opinion, will they continue this game or work on a new game?


Both. I know that they mentioned preliminary work on another IP but when I visited TRS and when I talk to the Devs I don’t see any sort of non commitment towards this game. To them it makes MUCH more sense to patch and add to an existing game then simply shrug their shoulders and move on to something else.


Thats good to hear… Do you think they would be willing to go another year?


I think so. They’ve already hinted at things coming down the pipeline that sound like it won’t be around in the immediate future so I would assume so.


Something for Evolve, or something for a new game?


For Evolve. Can’t really discuss much as I don’t know anything more than very vague generalizations.


Then be vague. :grinning:
Lol, just kidding. I know that if you do know anything, you can’t talk about it, and I respect that. I felt bad for the Devs when Gorgons name got leaked, the leaks are fun and all but I’d rather wait for the big reveal.


I have my theories on what some of the things are that they hinted at, but until I know more I don’t want to accidentally guess something that might be true :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope they do decide to add adaptations for the dlc characters because of the ultimate edition


I think it’ll be good because then it gives extra incentive to purchase them. If you don’t own a certain T4/T5 character then you wouldn’t get it for free. If you did own them, then it would be free.


Yep that’s why i wish they bundled dlc skins in some way i’m not much for just buying a single hunter skin, the monsters i understand though
Edit: If they were to bundle dlc night hunter skins that would be a smart move a lot of people i’ve talked to that’s their favorite skin


People love their Tron/Glowing outfits :smiley:


I really don’t know how much capital they have, but I’d imagine they’d need more (through T6) for T4 and T5 adaptations, and this is why they are reluctant at confirming. Knowing TRS they want to do T4 and 5 adaptations, what else would hold em back other than resources?

The game did sell well though, just didn’t retain.

Jusy my 2 cents


And to me, I feel like it has so much potential to make a glorious comeback with all these adaptions. They had a lot of depth and variety to the gameplay.


My guess is that they aren’t that far ahead in terms of planning. T2 & T3 adaptations are still several months worth of content. They rarely mention anything outside of immediate/very short term plans.


Here’s an interesting question; Evolve came out on February 10th, right? A lot of people are speculating that Kala (or whatever the Tier 5 Support’s name really is) will be released on Evolve’s anniversary. Do you think if that’s true, we can expect some kind of small teaser on January 10th?


That’s true.

Kraken- March
Laz and Hyde- April
Bucket and Griffin- May
Wraith- July
Caira and Parnell- August
Cabot and Abe- September

  • Oct
    T6 Assault?- Nov

And that’s at a pretty fast pace. Adaptations will take a while… better get comfy.