I am worried about the new skins


We know that the Magma come in the season pass, PC monster race will have a set of 4, and savage comes with preorder. Albino is unlockable, and I have heard that others will be unlockable, but there is no real or solid conformation of this. We also know that some content will be available for free through a leaked mobile game.

And don’t worry about exclusivity - when they say “limited” they mean they will be openly available for any kind of purchase one month after their “limited release”. Time exclusives only. The only content exclusive thing is a special set of turtle rock skins for Devs only.

As for skin pricing, it is “TBA”, so no word on values yet.


Fifteen dollars says that 2K is being a bunch of lousy skrubs and screwing with the game’s marketing again.


Don’t know what you’re saying. Even after a cursory Google search.


Good Game, Well Played, No Replays. My cousin uses that a lot :stuck_out_tongue:


good game well played no rematch

picked that up from back in the days >_>

was just saying “you sure showed him!” kind of… ‘indisputable victory’ if you will


Yep, a lot of how the behind the scenes stuff will go we still dont know


Learned something new.

SO MANY ACRONYMS!! The mind boggles, lol. :slight_smile:


i care about skins



It sure would be great to have multiple unlockable skins…Not trying to sound bitchy or anything but whenever dlc costumes are mentioned I always think back to a Spider Man game that was on PS1. It had roughly a few dozen unlockable costumes,it was nice. EDIT: Nevermind,it had about ten or twelve,still nice though.


yours in particular!


Once again it’s the Cow here to rescue the thread.

Here is Slab talking about skins being timed exclusives. Nothing is exclusive.

Here is the rough time frame of skin exclusivity.

And finally, here is where they talked about skins being unlocked outside of purchases.

Hopefully this is enough to sate your appetite. (Note, there has been no ‘update’ regarding how else to get skins currently)


Excellent work, Cow. Have a flower.


Thanks for that will have to wait and see.


Yea that’s the thing nothing is official until the devs can confirm it.