I am worried about the new skins


Being payed DLC, I want to earn them in game an not have to pay for skins that should have been in the game in the first place. I mean so far we only know about one skin the elite,and the savage its preorder for monsters,and for the hunters one skin and that’s it.So my question for the devs is,are these new skins payed DLC or can they be unlocked through progression? I would be really disappointed if i have to pay for them. I mean if there were a lot of skins already in the game and these are just extras then good I am fine with that,but having only 1 or 2 skins in the game and the rest being payed DLC then I don’t agree with that. @MacMan and @SlabOMeat waiting for your response.



They are all earned through gameplay progression- achievements, leveling up, etc, etc. Except for the savage Goliath skins, I believe. Pre-ordering or getting deluxe editions just means you don’t have to unlock them.


I would not make up things until there’s official word on the new skins.

Cite your sources if you have them, but nothing indicates these skins are unlockables.

I would -not- pay to unlock a skin I can unlock through gameplay, by the way.


You’re right, actually. Sorry about that. The wiki said they were unlocked through gameplay, as did a lot of forum users, but nothing official. @Alexthegoliath Sorry about that.


I’ve never seen anything that leads to think so! Can you dig up the link please D: ? It’d piss me off a great deal if I paid for skins I can unlock D:<

I’d love it if a Dev could debunk or confirm!



Go down to alternate skins. Says they can be unlocked through play. This isn’t official though, so a=I am a bit skeptical now that you mention it.


With some of the unlockable achievements being for winning X matches in a forest and the like I could see that working, and it could be a fun way to throw a periodic bone to people they weren’t expecting. Here’s to hoping!


Yeah, the thing is, anyone can edit that wiki. But I’d like to know if the devs even spoke about the new skins at all on the forums. If not, … then I quality this as 100% bullshit. At least, until a dev confirms.


Bullshit until proven otherwise. As good a philosophy as any. :smile:
@MacMan I know you said you weren’t in the loop about skins, but do you have any notion of what’s up?


Yesss! In other words, PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.


Words to live by!


Don’t you worry about the new skins, let me worry about blank.


Is there nothing that people won’t bitch about? Nothing at all?


That’s funny, cause you’re bitching about bitching. Paradoxical!


The albino skin is unlockable.



But about the rest? I don’t know who’d be stupid enough to pay for a skin that they can unlock through play. That’s why I’m pretty sure that the bundle skins are NOT free ( Magma skins + that unrevealed PC Monster Race skin pack ).


On steam they say the magma and unrevealed are limited time exclusives so… you get em for a month or so before everyone else. I didn’t preorder/buy the better versions for the skins tho so they are mostly a bonus to me. Though Magma skin doesn’t mention limited time only the exclusive part so magma might be only for season pass/digital deluxe.


I believe Magma Skins and Savage Goliath skins are pre-order/deluxe edition/whatever bonuses. It makes the most sense. The description for Monster Race said that "the skins will be exclusive to PC for 30 days. Because you are Monster Race. And you deserve bragging rights." Others were speculating that the other skins were unlocked through in-game actions, e.g) Eat a x amount of Hunters for the Corpse Eater skin, but that was just speculation.


Hmm. But I specifically recall reading the devs saying they really hated when “collectibles” ( like skins ) were only available during sometime, and never after. They said that nothing would be exclusive forever, because they hate this business practice.

Here’s the post itself, in fact.



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