I am so sick of the double Cabot exploit. seems to be replicable


This seems to be replicable as I’ve seen some of the same players do it more than once.

Just a sample picture.

At least it’s not double Hank. xD For some reason it only happen with Cabot.


I must be missing something, but I don’t see an exploit or a “double” Cabot. Other subtitles of him saying 2 things and a outline of a Almost dead Cabot and 1 other guy.


I to have no idea what you are trying to show with this picture.


If you can grab a clear picture of two cabots, then I can believe you.

So far, I haven’t seen or heard of two cabot exploits.


It isn’t an exploit, it’s a bug. People seem to think it’s an exploit because it’s happened more than once. :confused:

To clarify- not an exploit, not replicable… I would’ve known first- but anyway, it’s just an annoying bug.


…? Is that picture supposed to tell me something?


How funny would it be if the OP never posts in here again due to the embarrassment of how unclear his post was.


Seen double toons on ps4 too, various people like hank or markov, it’s deffo a bug.


I am talking about how people have been exploiting a bug with cabot, there can be two Cabots in one game.


those two hunters on my screen are cabots


During that entire fight to stage 3 you couldn’t snap one of both of them in clear view?

Please provide a better picture. I tried zooming in, but to no avail does that prove it’s a Cabot, and I would assume the dev team would need as much information as possible to look into this.

Even if this was true, wouldn’t the hunter’s composition be totally screwed? Say missing a trapper or medic or assault?


Yes we understand.

What people are saying are they’ve seen 2 characters the same aswell, not just cabot eg… 2 vals, 2 markovs in one game.
I think it’s just a general bug personally. UNLESS it happens 100% of the time?


Imagine 4x Lazarus…


I’ll try keep a look out if it’s bugged or an exploit, the guys did it two games in a row. The first one I was like ok no big deal, I’m wraith. :3
edit: it was more like taking a poop than a fight, their plasma railguns made sure I will never escape.

[quote=“ItsSuperEffective, post:11, topic:38447”]
Even if this was true, wouldn’t the hunter’s composition be totally screwed? Say missing a trapper or medic or assault?
[/quote] Nope they have everyone on the team with two cabots putting the damage amp on me.


Only been happening with Cabot, some one posted a video about it a few days ago here.


You mean imagine an easy wipe as the monster? Laz does the least damage in the game I think, they would just run around and die, get revived, and die again.


I’ve heard of 5 v 1 Man games where there were 2 assaults.

In pretty sure it’s a bug related to the infamous Ebon Star Mercenary bug.


And time runs out…


I think you meant 4x Lazarus and 3 other hunters.


Not if the monster is engaged, the timer stops at 2:00. Also if the monster attacks the core.