I am sad about the 5th monster


I was hoping for another brute not a freakin spider ;-; eh I’ll see how it’s play style and moves are before making a decision :confused:


yeah im not too psyched about a spider type either, but a lot of ppl seem very happy with it so good for all of them


100% happy, looks like a marvel version of spidermonster :heart_eyes:


I think it’s going to be another female Monster. It’s kinda fair. I will refer to it as female until otherwise.

Plus remember, we already have two brute Monsters. Need to start catering to the more slender and speedy ones.


Like I said before, don’t knock it till you try it. :wink:


I know but still :cry:


My theory is that the new Monster is The Host. A female that is like a parasite that infects corpses (Lazarus talks about a Monster raising the dead) and Torvald says it is different from the other Monsters.

Remember that Torvald says he had a Lazarus man onboard the Ajax. Maybe it infected the Lazarus man and somehow gained the genetic tie that helps raise the dead (just a theory of mine.)


If that’s true I’ll be buying it. I like your thinking :3


I’m curious about it actually. I have high hopes for all the new additions so far. Any gameplay of the monster??


People will stick main kraken and lennox battles will be like
Kraken: “humans think from 60m below me their secondary damage will be enough to kill me. I can do them in 2 lvl 3 skills… foolish, foolish beings.
Lennox:” ive been shooting this squid for 15mins straight and im doing less damage than cairas firenades!"
Caira:“Hey! Fire was good for killing things on earth!”


No they’re only focusing on the new Assualt named Lennox. She is a female melee based walking tank that comes with her own form of Leap Smash


The Autocannon appears to have 100 rounds of fire before emptying. And it appears to actually do a lot of damage.


Plus we have some code, ( I think it was at the end of some trailer or credits) that was eventually translated to something along the lines of a distress call. And the monster described could “take control of the defenses” Perhaps this could be other humans or actual human defenses?


Hydes capacity perk minigun has almost limitless ammo yet point blank range is still laughable, not so sure amount will surfice and it did ok damage because it was goliath who was like 30m away? When kraken is 100m high how effective will her peashooter be? Lol


I think the trade off is that it does more damage than the Minigun but with slower RoF and with better accuracy. They emphasized the AA influence for a reason. Maybe less damage drop off, to boot. Her other abilities require CQB, this has to be her Kraken measure.


Like Mikey says its called an AA gun for a reason. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kraken gets wrecked by her.


They described the AA gun as doing good damage and having decent accuracy. Now, look at how fat Kraken’s head is.

Think about it.


Anti Karken hunter confirmed. T6 assault Orkin Man confirmed.


Glad to see them coming out with a wide variety of monsters. Another brute would’ve been disappointing.


Hopefully it is not as UP and broken as Behemoth or I might have to change my profile name.