I am really sad



I have 84 hours in Evolve, but 80 hours is against hackers its my luck.
When the game starts everything goes fine, but as soon as doom me so it’s fu__ed . The last game I played for Goliath and I had 3 hackers against me . I know that they were not honest because as soon as I hit him with rock throw he doesn’t take damadge from HP , but he has knocked out by hit. I gave hits from whole map or even when I was in a tunnel and had canot flee or avoid my attacks so that all of them have still full health. I played against Emet, Jack and Kala. They gave me hits and use their skills to large distances . Evolve is good game, but I’m tired to play 80 % of my time against hackers rarely happens that I play and relaxing game where I do not trihard. …
Thanks for yours time and responding.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:



Some good can actually come out of this. Since you encounter cheaters so often, you can record gameplay of those matches as well as take screenshots to report these cheaters to the devs here on the forums.
The bans will rain down upon the heads of our enemys.


Playing with cheaters sucks, but, here’s a tip- if you don’t mind a bit of lag and you’re okay with being Hunter (since monster + lag isn’t fun) then try switching to an Oceanic server. There are very very very very few hackers here, for example AU QLD or VIC servers, and plenty of people to get games well on weekends or evenings.