I am probably catch some flak for this, but


If there are only going to be three tiers of hunters/monsters when Evolve ships then I would rather TRS not reveal the final set before launch.

To me it would be worth holding off on that reveal so that when I finally get my hands on the game I can encounter new hunters and monsters for the first time while I am playing. It would be awesome to me when a match is loading up where I am on a hunter team to see that new creature for the first time pop up where Goliath and Kraken normally belong and to go in knowing nothing about how that creature fights and learning everything it can do by actually engaging it.

Most of us here already know virtually everything about Kraken and Goliath, their strengths and weaknesses. Same thing for the first two set of hunters. I would really like the experience of seeing that loading screen pop up moments before the game starts and be like “Holy shit…WTF is that???” You can really only get that once in a game like this and I think it would be a disservice to deprive that from the community.

Plus, its not like there isn’t plenty of other stuff that hasn’t been revealed. We only know about one game mode, nothing about any campaign that they may be waiting for us, and I’m fairly sure one of the devs said not too long ago that they have one more surprise up their sleeves.

Anyone else feel this way?


No, because with the additional testing that is coming up before release will need all of those characters in the game for balance and function testing.


I don’t mind either way tbh. If we find out what the last set is before release, cool! I want know what they are! But if we don’t, that’s cool too because then there’s a surprise waiting!


The problem with having a surprise in this game is that it wouldn’t outweigh the hype it would garnish prior to release. In a horror type game, sure, keep lots of secrets. Something like this it doesn’t work as well because after the initial ‘discover’ it fades away pretty quick. DLC monsters/hunters through, I think would be fine.


DLC Hunters and Monsters is the only paid DLC this game will have. They have already said all future maps will be free so they can avoid splitting up the player base. That way someone not having the DLC will never affect matchmaking.


I’m sure there will be plenty of ongoing support , bugs, patches, awesome updates and just randomness that will surprise at least one person in the world. :smiley:


But if you play the new monster, and the hunters are all either the first or second tier, the monster player would be at a major disadvantage. Same if everyone is a third tier hunter and the monster is Golaith or Kraken. The first day of launch would feel so unbalanced and make people upset. The feeling of surprise would probably only last 1 minute if they weren’t shown before launch.


What in the world are you talking about? The OP is talking about announcements, nothing else. There is no guarantee we will get any play time with any of the new monsters or hunters before launch. And regardless if we do or not, no one will be at a disadvantage. What game has ever been released so you can have access to all the content so you can learn how to play everything before it launches? I’ll save you the trouble, no such game exists.

There will be a few games with each no class/character/monster you use to get used to playing it. But that’s to be expected of any game. Are they supposed to give us access to each new Hunter and Monster from future DLCs to learn those new characters before that DLC is released???


I’m not sure if you read my post accurately. Or his for that matter. He said not to announce the new hunters or monster until we can play them on release. I meant disadvantages on how if someone played the third tier monster, but everyone played a first or second tier hunter, it would feel unfair for the first day since you know nothing about the monster, but a lot about the already mentioned hunters, and vice versa. Sure you can learn them quickly, but I wonder if some will find it fun. They probably would, but others wouldn’t.

When did I say we can play them before launch? Videos exist. You know, the things we’ve been looking at for the already mentioned hunters and monsters.

I’m confused on what the reason for your post was. Did you just skim read through all the posts, but not sure what you read?


Also, the Tier of hunters are not tiered because of how good they are, but how advanced their skill/mechanics might be. You spend time with the easier to play/use hunters and then move on. There is not supposed to be any kind of intentional tiered ranking (Though I’m sure there will be among the gaming community) among the hunters.

If you are just mentioning about never having played against a hunter/monster because you are new, well everyone has to learn the game at some time.


I read both posts correctly, but you are still not making any sense. He said not to announce the 3rd set of Hunters/Monster so they would be a surprise for us at launch. You are babbling on about some players being some how at a disadvantage by not know what the 3rd set of Hunters/Monster is going to be. You claim is ludicrous.

No person on the entire planet Earth will gain an advantage over another player just because something is announced or not announced before release. You are claiming that by not being able to watch an announcement video, or read an announcement article, that some players will some how be at a disadvantage because they want to try that new monster or hunter on day one. By that logic they should NEVER announce the release of new hunters or monsters. You failed to get your point across properly in your first post, and that is why I asked if you were saying we should be given access to learn how to play them before release so no one would be at a “disadvantage”.

But your claim that not announcing the new characters is completely baseless. I was in the alpha, so by your logic I should be banned from playing until other people get in as much play time as I did. Otherwise that would put them at a “disadvantage” too. Or what about people who got more hours into the alpha than I did? Should they have to wait even longer to play?

You argument has no basis in reality.


I disagree. This game is new IP from a smaller studio, I think it would be counterproductive to hold back information on the core features of the game being the last hunters and monster. The main criticism already from people who are deciding to buy the game is the lack of content, to hold back announcing the 3rd tier hunters and monster would give them further reason to not pre-order or let alone buy it.

Announcing the hunters and monster would give a last push of interest before release date to maximize sales. This isn’t Call of Duty where they can hold back what they want and be guaranteed to make huge sales regardless, because they’re already an established billion dollar franchise which they can get away with. Not so much with Evolve, it’s a new game, with a new 4v1 concept that has yet to be proven if it’ll work out with the general public at launch.

The only thing Evolve has left to generate hype is show off new maps and hopefully some unique game modes.


So on day one of release, if you pit a monster that knows all his abilities, and picked up some tactics from videos, against 4 new hunters that weren’t announced yet, the hunters wouldn’t feel discouraged? Yes they can learn all the abilities and weapon after the match ends, and also have to learn the other hunter abilities to be able to work together, or be forced to practice with bots just to know what their abilities even do, but first impressions also matter. Also, tier three hunters/monster require more coordination/ communication from the team, so trying to learn them on the fly in a match against an already announced monster or hunters with abilities announced and shown how it’s used effectively might not work out well for everyone. It can work in a PvE game, or in a simplified PvP game, but this is more complicated, so having the information before the release will help a lot.

All I said was that I did not see any good in pairing new unannounced classes against already announced classes and analyzed abilities just for surprise. I’m not sure what the alpha had to do with this. We already knew the hunters and monsters that were going to be in alpha, and basically people said everything that happened in the alpha was what we already saw before. Playing the game first doesn’t matter, since people knew what their abilities were and how to use them right from the start. Please stop it with the passive aggressive behavior. This is a simple thread, and nothing to start a fight over.


An announcement video does not erase a learning curve. So yes, you trying to claim that people will be at a disadvantage if there is no announcement is insane. The player will gain the exact same knowledge when picking the monster/hunter of their choice as they would from any video.

You are also completely ignoring the fact that the game has a single player mode. If someone doesn’t want to play against other people until they learn a new hunter/monster, they can play against the AI to their heart’s content.


Read my post carefully again. I already addressed the bots. Also, are you saying that playing with bots just to know what abilities a monster or hunter has is good planning on their part? Wouldn’t it be better just to know what abilities each class has before you even play the game so you can play with other live people more enjoyably?


Read my post, learning the abilities from a video will do NOTHING to help you play better. You can load up the game and see what the abilities are before ever playing against someone. Those abilities even include short looping videos that show you what they do and how they work. Also, please explain how watching an announcement trailer will help you more than playing against the computer, I need a good laugh.


Alright, so you say the abilities have videos that show what they do, but you also say that videos don’t help. The video is there for a reason. An individual’s skill in using that ability differs from everyone else, but actually knowing what an ability does can help a lot before you play that class. That’s helpful. I’m not talking about playing better as an individual, I’m talking about actually knowing what you’re doing instead of feeling helpless during a game while trying to read what the skills do.


No, I said an announcement video will do nothing not make a difference. Watching an announcement video, or seeing the little video loop on the character selection screen, will not change, reduce, help, alter, affect, effect, the need to actually spend time playing the hunter/monster. Not a single human being, except for you apparently, will be go into a match and not suffer from the exact same learning curve because they watched an announcement trailer.

I am also pointing out the fact that the video loop in game will be sufficient to fulfill your unreasonable and unnecessary need to have an announcement trailer showing you the ability before spending a single second playing the game.


My previous reply still answers your newer reply. All you’re doing now is repeating yourself to try and make yourself sound right. It’s enough already, you’re not making any progress in your posts anymore. If you really want, this discussion can go on until the end of time, but you’ll still be repeating what you said.


I am repeating what I said because your claim, that you keep reasserting, is bogus. So I’ll keep repeating it until you are capable of understanding it. An announcement video does NOTHING to change the fact that you will still need to play with the character/monster to actually learn anything. Keep replying and I’ll keep repeating until you learn.