I am pissed! Lost all progress!


Hello, I just started playing the game last night at launch and a bit today in the morning. I played with 2 other friends and I was usually the Assault guy and i reached level 10 I believe it was and was working on getting to the 3rd stars for Hydes Elite skin i was more than 75% to the Elite skin and when my game glitched it quit evolve i had to load it up again and my friends invited me back to the lobby and now I am level one! WTF? I dont care about the level but it erased all of Hydes progress i had worked for and all my medals and everything but my leaderboard stats are fine only my in game progress and medals got wiped WTF is this BS? I demand answers! I dont usually get mad or mean but this is really not cool i am afraid of even playing the game because what if i get a bunch of skins and cool stuff just for it to all wipe again?


Similar issue, post there, Devs are responding there.


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I got game on release and made a lot of progress and log on today and it makes me do tutorial all over again and it shows on the leaderboards me playing with new character but its locked. Plz help


Same thing happened to me. Now i am level one and lost all my progress. Devs please help us!!!


I’ve had the same issue. Reset on leaderboards multiple times. Are those wins gone for good? Red Vs Who


The same thing had happened to me! Except i had more support than assault


just lost my elite skin Cabot my 2 star Kraken my two star Hyde 33 levels and more WTF!


Almost had my elite skin for Val , just lost all of my progress


Don’t any of you hold your breath hoping for the devs to restore your lost progress. They’re just trying to comfort you by lying that they’re working on a “fix.” I’ve never heard of a dev team managing to individually restore lost progress to players before. Turtle Rock is making sure it doesn’t happen again, but you’re all lost causes. Turtle Rock knows what I’m saying is true but they’ll deny it

Edit: If anyone manages to read this post, it’ll probably be deleted by the mods soon anyway because I’m being truthful


Just lost all my progress, at level 8. Not as bad as some, but why bother playing if it might happen again? Also, now I can’t seem to progress my characters weapon abilities, despite clearly shooting and killing monsters i get zero points after a match.
Might as well return the game and wait to buy when it’s fixed, if it is.