I am now terrified to play as Behemoth in Defend


Three times in a row my Behemoth reaches to the sky, praising the sun just just suddenly freeze the entire game into a looped animation, both me and the Hunters.
I can still move, but I just glide across the floor unable to do anything even climb. The third time, this morning, NEARLY BRICKED MY SYSTEM!
I was forced to quit, as usual but then it froze on the loading screen, no matter what method of turning off the PS4 I tried it was still on with music playing and the loadimg screen locked. I had to unplug, it worked but upon plugging it back in I just got a black screen for like 10 minutes as I soil my nappy to the extreme and beyond.
Thankfully another unplug and plugging back in fixed it. It had to go through a restore process as it wasn’t turned off properly, not my fault but thankfully nothing is lost.

So this is why I am never playing Behemoth in Defend until this is dealt with, I was scared I would lose my progress, or worse brick my PS4.

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I’m more terrified at your spelling of ‘Defend.’ :wink:


Carry on my wayward Sun
Is it only on defend? Or is it other modes as well?


It’s spelt wrong…?
Also it’s only on DEFEND (?) Other game modes are fine.


I have had this happen in a hunt as well.


The plot thickens! Hunt too? Nooooo! Maybe I should stay clear of this game for now, not risking that again, no, no, no!


It’s only happened in Hunt for me. In Defend, the best monster is probably Behemoth. Dudes a fucking Siege-Beast.


It sounds like ya need to re-download the game. Ever since the latest patch it messes up with some of the game’s files and when you re-download it, the files are all squeaky and new and fixed to play again :smiley:


How do I do that?


Excuse me… couldn’t resist…

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Hear it is on nest.


its always with behemoth.

doesnt matter which mode.

strange thing is i had it ONE TIME vs a wraith

every other time it was vs behemoth


your comment made me laugh =D


I heard that it happened to someone with kraken.
but just like in your case with wraith I’ve only heard of it once.


Are the developers aware of this? I haven’t seen anything.


Of behemoth freezing? Yep im pretty 99% sure and 1% cupcake


My behemoth freezes a lot when using fissure so I don’t use him that much because of it, this game has so many other bugs too worry about



'Twas a fun match of Praise the Sun!

Oh, no wait, it was Hunt mode. My bad.

Edit: I’m getting and error when trying to view the video now. Can somebody confirm whether it works?
Edit: Video confirmed to work fine.


Works fine for me.

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