I am noob looking to do multiplayer

Looking for people to join me in multiplayer my gamertag is coolkidjeff603

You should add your platform to your subject, just in case. :slight_smile:

end tech… the name of the game.

No platform listed…heh. And here I expected a challenge. cracks knuckles


I’ll input the wireless RSS feed, that should compress the HTTP monitor! That way I can override the back-end PNG capacitor, which’ll back up the SSL matrix to OP’s synthesizer (a.k.a the back-end matrix for those lagging behind) opening up the 358.jpeg AI protocol. Nearly there…dammit! They’ve got a multi-byte RX network active.


No matter. Navigating the hard drive won’t do anything, so we (‘we’? I live alone in my hacker basement…) need to shut down the digital CSS virus. Navigating the quantifying DHCP bandwidth…programming the analog TCP panel…got it! The high speed GUI pixel contains traces of the micro-frequencies used by the game console in order to connect to the satellites, which give us our answer.

tldr: I’m pretty sure OP is on XBone.


No gifs? Noob. Also yes, I’m quite sure it’s X1 but I didn’t want to assume OP’s platform.


This pleases my inner SJW

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My gifs aren’t working?..



Not even that gif works if it even is a gif :stuck_out_tongue: