I am making a game!


ok so I wanted some money so now I am going to make a game why do i want money you ask? I really want to go to collage I know if this game is a success it won’t pay for all of collage but I might take a big chunk out of it

Nature Boy with be a game that will be a rpg that shifts from side scroller to top-down it’s main story is about bringing your sister back from the dead as the character goes through the five stages of grief the game will have 7 boss’s and plenty of mini-boss’s I am currently trying to work on the story so feel free to add your suggestions for enemies and mini-boss’s if you want to I already have the boss’s planed out you can help me name some areas if you post here you might just find yourself in the credits of the game :wink:

what do you think

  • I love it!
  • It is ok
  • Wow this sucks
  • This idea is stupid

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would you play it?

  • absolutely!
  • yeah!
  • I can try it
  • Maybe
  • No!
  • Never in my entire life!

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Should I put the demo here when I finish it?

  • yes please!
  • I dunno
  • No I hate this idea

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what place should I put the demo at?

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Here!
  • Reddit
  • anywhere is fine

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and feel free to post your ideas for enemies and mini-boss’s below


All references are approved as long as they are hinted and not directly pointed to.

Good luck on your game.

(I am working on one too ;))


Thanks for the info!


hey I have a question how can I make music for it I am not sure of a good program


Cool I hope it will have monsters. I want to be a game designer and make my own games too. It sounds really fun.


to be honest it is kinda boring :wink: but it can pay off if people like it. It will make you feel good and yes it will have monster not like evolve though it is a rpg


Ok, I love to draw and I love drawing monsters, but I cant wait to see your game. Good Luck.


if you really want to try it there is a free version of Game Maker Studio you may need tutorials though it can get confusing the website is called like yoyo games


Thank You ill give it a shot on my free time. good luck on your game.


Thanks! :heart:


If you’re looking for some good (cheap) music software, I would recommend trying Reaper, its free to use, although after about 60 days they request that you buy a licence for about 60 bucks, but its a really flexible music editor on a budget. Then just find some free VST’s (Virtual Studio Technology), there are tons of decent free instruments all over the web (just be careful of shady sites). If you need some I might be able to find the links of the ones that I like to use. good luck with the game!


thanks I will try that out when I am done making the demo (as the story and bosses are constantly changing and I don’t want to run out of time on it) :wink:


I’ve used the program, were did you get your sprites? if you don’t mind me asking.


What type of game would it be? Would it be a 2D Pixelart- game? And if you need ideas then I would definitely help you. ^^ :cookie: <— for you (you gain more cookies from time to time while developing the game :P)


I have not made sprites yet I just have place holders for now and I have absolutely no idea on what program is good for making sprites


It is an rpg it is 2d and it shifts from top down to side-scrowler its gonna be a special snowflake rpg just like I am a special snowflake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds… cool… and, I don’t know… SUPER FUCKIN AMAZING!

Is that the first game you develop?


yup! it will probably be a couple of years though as it is a game :wink: glad you like the idea I might post the demo here when I make it but if enough people want me to I can post small updates but this is a forum not a twitter account or what people use to make updates on their games


You know it’s very hard and you’ll probably rage, cry and then quit developing? :smiley: Just by the way.


The only reason I would rage is if something is not working the only reason I would cry and quit developing is if people don’t like it :smiley: